A neighbor’s 25-year-old Dendrobium + update

Both of these are in full sun; western exposure..

UPDATE: On 1 May, 2016, while driving past this house, I saw ALL THE CANES cut away from the plant on the second tree by the previous owner. I asked the new owner if he had any plans to keep the portion still mounted on the palm… and, if not, may I please have it. The owner said that he didn’t have any problem with me removing it from the tree… in fact, he went into his garage to give me his pruning saw which helped pulling it away from the trunk. I’ve since neatly trimmed the roughly-cut canes and I’m cleaning it up as much as possible without disturbing too many of the live, healthy roots which pulled away from the tree… and now she should recover, fully. I have not yet decided if I will remount it directly to one of my palms or attach it on to a wooden mount and then hang that directly to a tree. Plese see the video uploaded 1 May 2016 and then update “2” the same day here… https://youtu.be/7m5QNCZlDUg and https://youtu.be/BFB6fJO42-8

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