ARACHNIS – Still spiking, budding + flowering; 4-months

These are maintained in full southern exposure and, though still in their original field-grown containers, their roots are well dug in. I feed with a Better-Gro 20-14-13, only, and at full strength. I also keep their base well protected (cooler) with the help of the fern and other ground cover… and they seem to have done well this past winter with temps dipping well down into the low 40’sF several times without any bud/bloom or foliage damage. I do have one other batch in their containers which are being maintained against a west-facing masonary wall which soon will be relocated under the coco; west garden. I also have some videos indexed here and on what was my secondary (temp) channel from day-one, when I first bought the plants and in quarantine.

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