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New orchids from Lucythecat

I got some awesome plants 🙂 Thank you Beverly! Here is Lucythecat’s channel, check it out:

Orchids & Projects Updates + Summer break!

Today we take a look at some orchids and some projects we started a while back and see how they all get along! Did you check out my second channel? 🦋 More info below! 🦋 Missed the Summer Greenhouse Tour? 1. My Neofinetia falcatas are a bit too covered with algae and that […]

Bollea or Pescatoria orchid in bloom

I bought it as Bollea coelestis but bloom doesn’t look like one. Looks more like Pescatoria dayana. What do you think?

Orchid medium experiment plus three Paphs.

This’ll be very interesting if the microwaved mediumproves to be successful.

These Orchids spent 35 days on transport! 😱 Let’s see how they look!

Today I am taking you along on an unboxing journey, full of perils and dehydrated orchids 😂 🦋 More info below! 🦋 Since the post situation is a bit bad when it comes to certain areas, this parcel spent 35 days across Europe to reach me! So the orchids inside are very dehydrated, but alive! […]

My orchids setup – video on request

My orchid tank outside and around, lights and fans setup, orchid room. Video for Michelle from Michelle’s Life on Repeat channel:

Orchids: Sunday Morning Phal., Rescue

Spent the morning after the storm rescuing snail ravaged phalaenopsis. Some were dehydrated and about to go over but hopefully it will survive with plenty of love and humidity. Happy growing.