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Orchids: Mid August garden stroll 2019

Orchid Review of what’s in spike, bloom and new growths. Happy growing.


First time blooming. Happy growing

Orchids: Remarkable find in my East garden

Epiphyllum Queen of the night is in flower for a first time video and you are not going to believe what has occurred in the EOG. It is the second found today! Happy growing.

Orchid: Extreme Grammatophyllum bulb regrowth

Bulb found today in the EOG top severed, both peices potted. Hoping for the best. Happy growing.

Renanthera Orchid, Full Bloom, Care Tips

Hi guys! As promised here is my Renanthera Orchid Care Video. She is a stunner! Hope you enjoy watching! Xoxo, Blanca

Phalaenopsis Orchids, Phals On Trees Project Part 1

Hi Guys! Welcome! These videos are going to be part of my ‘”Phals on trees” project. I will be documenting how my phals attach and grow on my palm trees in South Florida. Part 1 is going to be the attaching. I will follow up with future videos on their growth. Hope you enjoy! XOXO, […]

Flower show and a few orchids.

Again I cannot video more than 15 mins……once more the ending has been cut off. Although I am enabled to put lengthy videos on …..I have tried to contact the powers that be but to no avail……no more videos longer than 15 mins in future for me!!!