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Feeding my Stanhopea orchid with Magamp K

Trying to use slow release fertilizer with my only Stanhopea – Stanhopea jenischinana… Will it work?

Orchid Care for Beginners – 5 Orchids that make great Holiday gifts! + Giveaway!

This video is sponsored by rePotme, who also provided the medium, pots, clips, some of the stakes and fertilizer I used for the Orchids in this video. Check them out here 🦋 More info below! 🦋 Did you miss our Phalaenopsis care series? Check it out here Apart from Phalaenopsis, there are other […]

A quick December update.

Made two mistakes in this one. First I should have said 1888 and not 1988 and the second mistake is leaving the living room light on which made it look like I had a lot of yellow leaves on the table.

Orchid Un-boxing_Orchids & More_03 Dec2019

Hey Guys! I have an exciting un-boxing from an orchid nursery in Germany called Ochids & More for you today. I had ordered from this nursery before and always received good quality orchids. Here is the list of orchids in this Un-boxing: Dendrobium Harlekin yellow/red (B) Dendrobium hodgkinsonii (J2) Encyclia cordigera ‘pink’ (J1) Laelia purpurata […]

Angraecum Orchids – Keiki separation, crown rot recovery & more!

Today we make an update on my big Angraecum orchids and see how they did in the past year, in comparison to last year! 🦋 More info below! 🦋 One of my oldest orchids is the Angraecum sesquipedale, here is his story He is now fully recovered and producing a flower spike! The Angraecum […]

How I water my 400+ Orchids! – Setup and technique explained

Today I tell you all about how I manage to water my 400+ orchids efficiently and very time saving! We need to start with the setup though! 🦋 More info below! 🦋 If you don’t know how my grow room looks like, check it out here The setup needs to be in accordance with […]

November 2019 Orchid Collection Update: Semi-Hydroponics

An update on my orchid collection in semi-hydroponics as of November 2019. _____________________________________________ Orchid Collection by Number: 1. No ID Phalaenopsis 2. Haw Yuan Gold Cattleya (Passed 04.20.2018) 3. Aloha Sparks Halloween Wilsonara 4. No ID Oncidium 5. No ID Phalaenopsis (Passed 08.13.2017) 6. Hawaiian Kapuna Paphiopedilum (Passed 08.09.2017) 7. To My Kids Dendrobium Nobile […]