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Orchids that scare me! ?(Halloween Special)

Today I’ll tell you all about the orchids that currently are keeping me up at night and down right kinda scare me! ? More info below! ? Happy Halloween and enjoy!  ? 10 easy Orchids for beginners Music: Temple of Runha – ELFL ————————————————————————————– ? Like my channel and want to help it […]

Maxillaria tenuifolia Orchid in need of help! + Fix for glazed clay self watering pots!

Today I take you along as I help out my Maxillaria tenuifolia and get her to the road of good hydration! ? More info below! ? Maxillaria tenuifolia is a super easy species to care for, learn more about it here Self watering pots work great with it, as it is a water loving […]

Orchid Media and Issues with Fertilizing

Growing orchids in bark, moss and water culture and problem shooting with fertilizing as much as I do.

A delivery of specie phaleanopsis with some information.

N ever thought I would enthuse about these….how wrong I was!!!!

October 2020 Orchid Collection Update

An update on select members of my orchid collection as of October 2020. _____________________________________________ Links: Common Rose Apparel & Clothing: _____________________________________________ Bloom Profile Videos Playlist: _____________________________________________ Monthly Orchid Collection Updates Playlist: _____________________________________________ My System Explained Playlist: _____________________________________________ Follow Me: Instagram: @thebeardedbeautybible Subscribe to my Beauty Channel:

Orchids: Part One. Paphiopedilums, A Closer Look..

A look at each Paph for fan production and flower spikes. Happy growing.

Orchids: Another Great Tip!

What a surprise bargain of Paphiopedilums . Happy growing.