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Orchid of the Year 2019! – Time for the final vote!

Today we recap the 12 winners of last year as chosen by you, month by month and organize the final vote which wil decide which is the most popular Orchid in my collection! 🦋 More info below! 🦋 Cast your vote here Here are all the many many many.. episodes of ‘Orchids in Bloom’ […]

End of January Orchid and garden update

Including, propagation spike progression and garden fruit growth. Happy growing.

Growing Orchids in Semi Hydro in Self Watering Pots Updates and Maintenance Tips

Today we talk about some updates and maintenance tips for growing orchids in semi hydro in self watering pots. And let me tell you, guys…the root system of these orchids went crazy! I have roots going inside the reservoir, bigger and bigger psb, more and more blooms than the previous time. I am delighted to […]

Canary Island Date Palm; full, tight (new growth fronds) crown.

Phoenix canariensis… Planted this in 1980, as a 3-gallon container.

Unboxing of my begonias from Araflora _Netherlands

Hey guys, In this video I am unboxing my box from Araflora . This order is only for begonias and mostly species from this nursery in the Netherlands, hope you enjoy. Here is the list of begonias that I ordered: Begonia masoniana ‘Iron Cross’ Begonia x Autumn Ember Begonia malipoensis “Starter” Begonia new Red Starter […]

Dendrobium senile blooming

… and I am very proud of this single bloom :).

Cattleya gifts need attention…..quickly!

Don’t hold a lot of hope for these two but we’ve gotta try !!

Orchid Garden Update, Morning Walk After the “Big Chill” in Florida

Hi guys! Here are the links to products I use in my Garden links to Pesticides, Fungicide and sprayer Orthene- –Southern Ag – Thiomyl – Ornamental Systemic Fungicide – 6oz -RE Chapin MFG Works G385 Insecticide Hose End Sprayer, 6 gal Here are some links to the products I use for your […]