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Cattleya Orchid seedlings Update – Thoughts on deficiencies

Today we take a look at the Cattleya seedlings that I have for the past couple of years! 🦋 More info below! 🦋 Here is an older video of these orchids in semi hydroponics Orchid seedlings are generally more sensitive and demanding that mature orchids. They always grow bigger structures so they always require […]

A little watering

Not very well edited

Staghorn Fern Removal, Attaching to Tree, Staghorn Project

Hi Guys! Today I am removing a Staghorn fern from my palm and relocating it to a larger tree. This Staghorn fern grew in my garden along with four others. Where it came from I have no idea. It simply started growing over a knee high that was holding a Phalaenopsis Orchid. It developed there. […]

Premiere Orchid blooms – Letting my passion heal me

Today we take a look at some of the orchids which will bloom for the first time with me and let these wonderful things distract and heal my heart. 🦋 More info below! 🦋 If you want to hear me out, check this link, but please do not click if you are not in a […]

New Orchids, Crown Rot Talk, Giveaway Update, Tuesday Live Chat🔴

Good Morning!! Thank you for watching (hearing) my live chat… these chats are unpredictable and I froze mid broadcasts. So sorry. See you soon XOXO!!! Orchid Diva workshop and Celebration Event link: Here are some links to the products I use for your convenience: Repotting Medias: -Besgrow New Zealand Sphagnum Moss (100 grams) […]

West Orchid and garden stroll

What’s happening in June 2019. Happy growing.

Orchid Sale, Orchid Haul, 10K Giveaway

Hi guys! In today’s video I take you to Caribe Plants where they are having a liquidation sale. After 42 years they are closing their doors and everything is 50% off. Legendary orchid growers with amazing orchids sad to see them go but wishing them the best in their retirement. Hang tight and see what […]

and in conclusion….2 new slippers.

Thanks for your patience and for taking a look. Ed