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Epi. ciliare & Maikai (right on schedule) in bud and flower

The Maikai which are hanging in sequence exposure South/North begin spiking North to South with the two further North also flowing this past June… which kind of suggests that the immediatel microclimate just might extend due West should I decide to introduce those which are further South to the Northwest exposure. I just might try […]

Orchids…watering, feeding and snipping

Must try and get the light correct for indoor filming…….sorry about the darkness.

All in an Orchid days work !!

A bit of watering, a bit of potting and a look at a bit of my collection.

Paphiopedilum Orchid Collection – Updates & how I grow them

Today we look at my Slipper Orchids collection, see how they are growing and progressing! 🦋 More info below! 🦋 If you are looking for a care tutorial on slipper orchids, here it is My collection has improved a lot since we last looked at them and currently we have no more spots on […]

SCHOMBURGKIA christinae ••• Rare species find…

The christinae in nature: Photos and interesting article of the christinae: Myrmecophila christinae