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My Calcium/Magnesium Experiment!

My 3 month experiment using calcium and magnesium supplements.

Incorporating Slow Release Fertilizer for Catasetums: Semi-Hydroponics

An overview of the experimental repotting process for No.16 in my collection in which I incorporate some Osmocote 14-14-14 Slow Release Fertilizer into the grow environment.

How I’m fertilizing and using calcium and magnesium with my water culture orchids.

How I’m fertilizing and using CalMag and Epsom salts with my water culture orchids. Thanks to my friend Caroline for my opening greeting!

Phal, Cattleya, and dendrobium updates. Fertilizing and foliage feeding. Looking ahead to Autumn.

Root updates on my phalenopsis and dendrobium orchids. Update on my Cattleya. Tips for the cooler months ahead. Fertilizing and foliage feeding tips.

My choice of Orchid Fertilizer + application method

Please understand this video is a responce to several questions which have been addressed priviously and is not advice. I’m simply explaining what product I use and why I use it… 🙂 I follow label instructions 100%

Orchid Focus fertilizer – Some surprising conclusions!

Recently I purchased a few products to try out with orchids and some old products I used to use, for some other projects. Today we have quite the surprise from an old friend! ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ Orchid Focus has the reputation of being the weakest Orchid fertilizer on the market. For this reason I purchased […]