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Orchid setups evolution – Final thoughts on seramis, pebbles, semi hydro

What started out as a joke, turned out to be quite the trip down memory lane to last year. ▼▼▼More info below!▼▼▼ Around this time last year I was struggling with root tip damage.. still. I was very frustrated as I didn’t know the cause. I decided to change setups and resolved it, but it’s […]

Watch me re-pot my gigantic phalenopsis orchid in bark…Part 2 of 2 videos.

Watch as I place my gigantic phal in bark media…about halfway through the process to finish.

Watch me re-pot my gigantic phalenopsis orchid in bark…Part 1 of 2 videos.

Watch as I place my gigantic phal in bark media. This is part 1 of 2…the beginning of the process to about midway through.

Does Orchid pot size matter in semi hydroponics?

Today we talk about a subject that most probably contradicts traditional orchid culture and this is pot size! ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ Now all of us have been taught to never over pot orchids, meaning never use too big pots with tiny orchids. Maybe we never asked ourselves why, but the answer was somewhere in the […]

Renanthera Orchids Update & Repot in semi hydroponics

Today we stick in the Vanda territory and do an update and repot on the Renantheras! ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ I own 3 Renanthera orchids, one you saw recently in this video and 2 smaller ones. One is already for around 4 years in my collection, but you wouldn’t say. It looks pretty bad and […]

How I repot Orchids in semi hydroponics

Today we repot an orchid into the new setup that I decided to adopt, together with my older one, semi hydroponics. ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ Since you wanted to see how I go about repotting an orchid in semi hydroponics, today we shall do just that with a Cattleya Orchid. As you know me I need […]

Crossing Orchids off the wishlist! – Repotting Vanda tricolor

Today we take a look at 2 new orchids, both of the same genus, that was on my wishlist for a few years now! ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ Vanda tricolor is a very popular Vanda species to have, but it’s also quite hard to come by at a mature age. Most of the ones for sale […]

Disaster in the Orchid greenhouse + Updates and thoughts on semi hydroponics

Today we make a bit of a blog, as last night I had to take care of some orchids and Hoyas which decided to take a plunge into the unknown.. ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ Due to growth, the weight of any plant will increase in time. Well I forgot about that, as a result one of […]