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Orchid Water Culture – Updates

Orchid Water Culture – Updates

As you voted, today we are talking about Orchid water culture. The updates on growing orchids in water culture are promising. Water culture roots are amazing, once the orchid gets them. I have mostly phalaenopsis orchids in water culture, they do adapt quite fast. But do not use gel balls. They harm the roots, learnt […]

Rehabilitating Dehydrated Orchids: Semi-Hydroponics

A brief overview of the process I use to rehabilitate dehydrated orchids.

Orchid Tip – Providing humidity for orchids

Some ideas for providing humidity for orchids grown in the home.

Why do Oncidiums need more water than Phalaenopsis Orchids?

All over the internet you will find that Oncidium type orchids, or sympodial orchids in general, don’t require as much water as Phalaenopsis or monopodial orchids. I wasn’t happy with the results of this statement, so let;’s think about this a bit more.

Watch me water my phalenopsis orchids in moss and bark.

This video includes an addendum at the end on how I drain the orchid in bark.

Semi-water culture care and updates. Root growth and spikes. Subscriber questions.

In this video I give updates on issues with semi water culture watering care, how I water orchids growing in bark media in opaque pots, and answer viewer questions

Water culture levels explained on my dendrobiums, phalenopsis, and vanda orchids.

Water culture levels, updates, and subscriber questions answered.

Potting orchids that need fast drainage

Many orchids need to dry quickly between waterings. These include rupicolous Laelias as well as many Dendrobiums and Encyclia species. Here I show the method that works for me. Using good quality bark is one of the key components of this.