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Saving my favourite oncidium type orchid using moss

Today’s video is not a happy one, as we are trying to save my favourite oncidium type orchid using moss ►►►For semi hydroponic & other orchid supplies ►►► https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer20170928483 ★☆★ BUY & RATE MY EBOOKS: ★☆★ ► Fusarium wilt on orchids – biology, symptoms, management and chemical control http://amzn.to/2vxTgOV ► How to clone orchids using […]

Orchid Care – Oncidium Sweet Sugar

A few words on the care and culture of an Oncidium orchid and presenting my Sweet Sugar Oncidium.  

Why do Oncidiums need more water than Phalaenopsis Orchids?

All over the internet you will find that Oncidium type orchids, or sympodial orchids in general, don’t require as much water as Phalaenopsis or monopodial orchids. I wasn’t happy with the results of this statement, so let;’s think about this a bit more.