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How I water my Vanda Orchids in baskets – Vanda setup explained

Today we take a look at my Vanda collection almost entirely basketed (currently completely) and how the system works. Ever since I arrived in my new location I always had to customize my Vanda setup to remain more moist. After microfiber I finally managed to turn my Vandas on the right path! But there […]

How to save a vanda keiki from root loss

Today’s topic is quite an intresting one, as I get to explain to you how to save a vanda keiki from root loss. ►►►For semi hydroponic & other orchid supplies ►►► ★☆★ BUY & RATE MY EBOOKS: ★☆★ ► Fusarium wilt on orchids – biology, symptoms, management and chemical control ► How to […]

DIY Vanda Orchid Basket using only 3 tools

It’s time to play a bit and build a DIY Vanda Orchid Basket using only 3 tools. In one of the next videos I’ll show how I will “pot” a very pretty vanda orchid in bloom.

Water culture levels explained on my dendrobiums, phalenopsis, and vanda orchids.

Water culture levels, updates, and subscriber questions answered.

Vanda Orchids display makeover! – Affordable, practical and space saving stand

Today we finish the Vandaceous orchids updates and rearranging with the piece of resistance: a new display for my big Vandas! ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ Before we go on, no I am not sponsored or endorsed by IKEA.. it just so happens that they have what I need 😛 now that we got that out of […]

Renanthera Orchids Update & Repot in semi hydroponics

Today we stick in the Vanda territory and do an update and repot on the Renantheras! ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ I own 3 Renanthera orchids, one you saw recently in this video and 2 smaller ones. One is already for around 4 years in my collection, but you wouldn’t say. It looks pretty bad and […]

My Vanda Orchids Collection – Summer 2017

Since I’ve never done a recap of my Vandas, today we will take a look and the new and old Vanda Orchids in my collection. ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ In order of appearance, the orchids in the video are: 1. Vanda Pachara Delight, the oldest Vanda in my collection, I have for almost 4 and a […]

Crossing Orchids off the wishlist! – Repotting Vanda tricolor

Today we take a look at 2 new orchids, both of the same genus, that was on my wishlist for a few years now! ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ Vanda tricolor is a very popular Vanda species to have, but it’s also quite hard to come by at a mature age. Most of the ones for sale […]