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Orchid Problems – What is bud blast and what causes it?

Here is my understanding on bud blast and what can cause it. Sometimes it can be very frustrating so knowing what can trigger it can save us from disappointments.

How to get rid of snails in Orchid pots?

So I am having some trouble with snails in my Cymbidium pot. Here is my attempt to get rid of them using hydrogen peroxide.

Trying to save my Coelogyne cristata Orchid – This doesn’t look good

Today we attend to the cristata which appears to have declined very fast during my vacation. ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ The Coelogyne cristata is not a new orchid in my collection and has always been pretty resilient. therefore this comes as a bit of a surprise to me, since I had no warning signs there could […]

Spider mite infestation on my Orchids! – Testing SMC Mite Control

Today we tackle an old ‘friend’ that hasn’t been around the orchid collection for a while, the spider mite! ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ Spider mites have gave me troubles for years, until I figured out a DIY solution to control them, which you can watch here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ne0DPbXQfnw However this was a good opportunity to test out […]

New project – Saving Miltoniopsis Orchids

See update 1 on saving Miltoniopsis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTGaMoZQsgY These are 4 Miltoniopsis that I received for careing. They are a bit sick so they will require more attention, but it will be interesting to see how they develope. See what Orchid lovers want to know http://bit.ly/1byjUW1 How to care for specific Orchids http://bit.ly/1mXOJsO Easy Orchid how […]

Using Citrox disinfectant with Orchids – First impressions

Today we are trying out the disinfectant I kept talking about in the previous week. Citrox! ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ Now this product is supposed to be a replacement for the very popular Physan20 which is barely available, if at all in Europe. It is however organic and non toxic, or so the company brags. The […]

Vegetable oil Vs. Mineral oil against spider mites – Update on treated Orchids

Today we talk about the non toxic alternative to insecticides against spider mites, the use of horticultural oils. ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ A good way to eradicate mites is to do so without damaging the environment and our health as much as possible, thus oils are the best alternative treatment against a mite infestation.. and it […]