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How to save a vanda keiki from root loss

Today’s topic is quite an intresting one, as I get to explain to you how to save a vanda keiki from root loss. β–Ίβ–Ίβ–ΊFor semi hydroponic & other orchid supplies β–Ίβ–Ίβ–Ί β˜…β˜†β˜… BUY & RATE MY EBOOKS: β˜…β˜†β˜… β–Ί Fusarium wilt on orchids – biology, symptoms, management and chemical control β–Ί How to […]

Treating Brown Rot: Semi-Hydroponics

An overview of how I’m treating brown rot on No. 21, my Paphiopedilum Pinocchio Lowii. ________________________________________________ Featured Products: Physan 20: ________________________________________________ Videos Referenced: Treating New Orchids: ________________________________________________ My Setup Explained: Glass Pots: Medium: Watering: Humidity: Toolkit: ________________________________________________ Follow Me: Instagram: @michaelsorchids Twitter: @michaelsorchids Facebook: @michaelsorchids