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A neighbor’s 25-year-old Dendrobium + update

Both of these are in full sun; western exposure.. UPDATE: On 1 May, 2016, while driving past this house, I saw ALL THE CANES cut away from the plant on the second tree by the previous owner. I asked the new owner if he had any plans to keep the portion still mounted on the […]

Orchids – Epilaeliocattleya Golden Sunburst

From a divison in January, 2014, of a rather compact plant. Started to fully open Friday. Will remove from pot when finished and mount into a wooden basket; bareroot… 馃檪

ORCHIDS Blc. Fuchs Orange Nuggett ‘Lea’ Division.

Divided 11/27/13 (X3) after finished flowering. Left as it was; fed in Jan, only.


Last year two spikes w/ 3 blooms each… and this year 4 spikes w/ 1, 3 and 4 blooms/buds. No fragrance, but a happy little doll.

Cattleya orchid – 12 blooms

Bloomed 10.06.12; 12.25.12; 02.22.13 and now… and probably the last flowering for at least 7 to 9 months as there’s no sign of any new growth in sight.

ORCHIDS – Cattleya Nigritian ‘King of Kings’

Canyon “Lakeview” Souther exposure under 20/20 screening.