Curious things Orchids do #2 Beginner’s Edition – Climbers, descender, root behavior

Today we take a look at some things orchids do, unlike all the other house plants we might grow!
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Today we focus on some common things orchids do which, inevitably, you will probably see within the first year of orchid growing. However for beginners with orchids they can still be slightly odd!

Some orchids simply climb out of their pot, each new growth grows higher than the previous one. This is absolutely normal for some varieties, the Brassias being the most notorious ones.

On the other hand, some Cattlea orchids prefer to descend and feel the medium or surface first, before they decide to establish a new growth. Not all Cattleyas or other orchids display this, but it is quite a common behavior.

Roots seem to have a mind of their own, they grow wherever you can imagine, even upwards! They can grow and branch indefinitely as well if the conditions are right for them t develop above the medium.

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