Dendrobium kingianum Vs. Berry Oda – The importance of correct Orchid ID’s

Today we take a look at my very old Dendrobium kingianum finally in bloom, in comparison to one of his hybrids, the Berry Oda.

Dendrobium kingianum is a species native to Australia and has a bad reputation of being tricky to bloom, at least spectacularly.

The Dendrobium Berry var. Oda is a new popular hybrid on the market that is easy to grow, bloom and just live with. It looks very similar to the kingianum, since it is a direct hybrid, it smells the same, it can even have the same color.. but it’s just not a kingianum.

For us average home growers it doesn’t matter, but for competition or hybridizing purposes it DOES! there is a bad confusion on the market with these 2 orchids, so here are the side by side, real time, differences. Pretty obvious now right?


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