Dendrobium Orchid Winter Rest – Reblooming Dendrobium Orchids

In this video we are talking about dendrobium orchid winter rest. Reblooming dendrobium orchids which require a winter rest is considered a bit more tricky, because of the special winter care they need. Dendrobium orchid winter care in semi hydro is even more difficult, as we break one of the rules of semi hydro, never let the roots get dry.
Well, it can be done, as you can see. In this video we are having as examples different types of dendrobium hybrids and species: Dendrobium Nobile Spring Dream Apollon has bloomed amazingly for me in semi hydro. All I did was to give it lots of sun, water and fertilizer in the growing season. Once the terminal leaf has apeared, I stopped fertilizing and watering. I left it in full sun, but with no water, and I provided a dropping in temperature down to 4 Celcius. This ensured this profuse flowering.
The Dendrobium Nobile Stardust Firebird is full of buds itself, and it has basically recieved the same care as the spring dream, only that this one is in bark, and has recieved 2 times fertilizer during the whole growing season. On this one fertilizer promotes masive production of keikis.
The Dendrobium Nobile Red Emperor is not yet seasoned. He still thinks is in full summer. I try to force it to stop, providing the same care as for the others. I belive this will help it get in touch with the wheather faster.
The Dendrobium Speciosum is not yet flowering size, so I don’t expect flowers from him, but who knows??
The Dendrobium Anosmum is supossed to be flowering size, but I don’t think he is. Nonetheless, he is recieving the same winter rest as the dendrobium nobile orchids.
Let there be flowers!


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