Disaster in the Orchid greenhouse + Updates and thoughts on semi hydroponics

Today we make a bit of a blog, as last night I had to take care of some orchids and Hoyas which decided to take a plunge into the unknown..
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Due to growth, the weight of any plant will increase in time. Well I forgot about that, as a result one of my hoyas tipped over and took with her a bunch of the orchids and spread soil everywhere on the lower shelf. Many of my orchids need rinsing and repotting, the tiny particles are quite stuck in the medium now 🙁

Related to this I already started to rinse and repot the orchids that fell or were full of dirt. I decided I will NOT waste any of my time and patience with rinsing seramis, it literally takes half an hour to get it to a decent.. cleanliness? NO. So I went ahead and did a semi hydro setup for these ones.

Thoughts so far after about a week? well I was expecting some roots to die, some tips to burn, all the usual stuff I am used to. None of them happened, furthermore I came up with some details to save me save time on maintenance as well. For the state of mind I am in at the moment, I am perfectly fine with it!

I also decided to take 2 days off per week just so I invest more time in editing, the website and.. the home 😛 yes, 18 hours is not enough for me to finish all I want and need to do. Which days should I take off?
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