Growing Orchids in Semi Hydro in Self Watering Pots Updates and Maintenance Tips

Today we talk about some updates and maintenance tips for growing orchids in semi hydro in self watering pots. And let me tell you, guys…the root system of these orchids went crazy! I have roots going inside the reservoir, bigger and bigger psb, more and more blooms than the previous time. I am delighted to water them less often, especially because of my health problems. And I don’t spill water anymore on the window sills, which means less cleaning. ★☆★ LEARN MORE ABOUT GROWING ORCHIDS ★☆★

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✿ My environment:

Temperate climate, hot summers and cold and snowy winters

40-80% humidity

House is maintain at min 20 C and max 26C

Balcony is kept at min 16C and max 29C


✿ What I use in my Growing Area:


LECA – Pokon, but you can try these instead

Bark,, (I use dr soil, but this brand is not available in USA)

Sphagnum Moss –

Fertilizer and suppliments:

MSU Orchid fertilizer for osmosis / rain water



Pots, containers, baskets:

Self watering pots

Wooden Vanda baskets


Gemma Led Lights 50 W…


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