My Vanda Orchids Collection – Summer 2017

Since I’ve never done a recap of my Vandas, today we will take a look and the new and old Vanda Orchids in my collection.
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In order of appearance, the orchids in the video are:

1. Vanda Pachara Delight, the oldest Vanda in my collection, I have for almost 4 and a half years

2. Rhynchostylis gigantea ‘Spots’ which is a young plant, purchased almost one year ago

3. Rhynchocentrum Ladda Gold, a recent purchase from a few months ago

4. Vanda trcolor, a wonderful species that has been on my wishlist for a lot of time!

5. Vanda denisoniana ‘Cream’ another recent purchase,. but with a wonderful fragrance

6. Ascocenda Fuchs Spotted Cat, purchased earlier this year, my only proper orange Vanda type

7. Vanda Pachara Delight Pink, just as pretty and almost as old as the Pachara Blue

8. Vanda sanderiana, also called Waling Waling, has to be.. the CROWN JEWEL!

9. Vanda tricolor var. suavis, a seedling that I purchased recently, had the bad luck to get a first one that rotted.. second one looked fabulous 🙂

10. Kagawara Christie Low, my only true red Vanda type, oh how I wish she blooms soon

11. Vanda coerulea compact form, a very recent purchase, not sure if she really is compact or just very young to be honest 😛

12. Rhynchorides (Perreiraara) Bangkok Sunset, my former crown jewel.. she is still on top 😛

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