Orchid blooms after 5 years! – About Orchid set back

Today we take a look at one of my oldest orchids which has not bloomed for me in 5 years! Here’s why!
More info below!

Brassavola ‘Jiminy Cricket’ is an orchid which my mom spotted at a grocery shop for me, so it has great sentimental value! Check the initial video on it here https://youtu.be/6VFUMjMEkXU

The reason is a prolonged state of set back. Repotting and setup errors, moving to a new country and lack of water caused this orchid to simply not grow mature enough growths in order to bloom.

Core structure of orchids need to be in good order, otherwise the orchid will not develop normally.

All about orchid roots https://youtu.be/jQBautYpq9s
All about orchid leaves https://youtu.be/zoMWQsv7QH0

What to expect with recovering orchids https://youtu.be/ZqXXrOacEic

Care for recovering Orchids https://youtu.be/oR9QeAnl-Dc

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Ikson – Bloom

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P.O. BOX 29002, CY-1620, Nicosia, Cyprus
My environment:
Subtropical climate, hot summers and mild winters
60-90% humidity, always breezy
Growth space is kept at min 17C and max 29C
What I use in my Grow Room:

LECA – Pokon or IKEA
Various organic mixes from rePotme http://bit.ly/2Dmu9mW
Sphagnum Moss – Spagmoss from Besgrow http://bit.ly/2LSZjEx or http://bit.ly/2WOF1D7

Fertilizer and supplements:
MSU Orchid fertilizer for osmosis / rain water http://bit.ly/2LS2bSg
Orchid Focus Bloom (when I need something low in N)

Pots, containers, baskets:
DIY self watering pots and masks from local flower shops
Lechuza self watering pots https://amzn.to/2wIUWq2
Wooden Vanda baskets http://bit.ly/2NfIlWI
Slotted pots from rePotme http://bit.ly/2Ds488b

LED shop panels from Leroy Merlin, 4000k
Tertial lamps from IKEA + 4000k LED bulbs (various brands)
Orvibo WiFi Smart Plugs https://amzn.to/2MLSR7T

Shelf units:
Shirley’s Simple Shelving http://bit.ly/2qAcS1r
Lerberg and Mulig from IKEA
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