Peat granules with Orchids in semi hydro – Final thoughts

Today we make a final update on the peat granules in the semi hydroponic setup for orchids and my conclusions on the experiment.

If you don’t know why the experiment in the first place, well there is a whole 2 Parts debate, you can start by part 1 hear

After about 6 months of experimenting I concluded there isn’t much difference with growth in the orchids with peat and the ones without. Furthermore, due to the ph altering properties of the fertilizer I am currently using, the peat might actually make very little difference.

About fertilizer, I think I want to experiment with a more balanced fertilizer for a while and see the results in a handful of orchids that surprised me with their flowers. I don’t think semi hydro is to blame for what I observed, since some were in my old setup.

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