Renanthera Orchids Update & Repot in semi hydroponics

Today we stick in the Vanda territory and do an update and repot on the Renantheras!
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I own 3 Renanthera orchids, one you saw recently in this video and 2 smaller ones.

One is already for around 4 years in my collection, but you wouldn’t say. It looks pretty bad and I never found a good medium for them. Therefore today we shall try out semi hydroponics!

Also, before switching an orchid in semi hydro I like to first make a sim(ulation). Most of the times some roots will die, so a re repot is inevitable. But when do we re check them? is the orchid adjusting or not? what should we continue with? a clear pot that will just simulate life in semi hydro is a great option in the first month!
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