Repotting a new Miltoniopsis Orchid – When and how

Today we repot one of my new Miltoniopsis orchids which is in dire need of attention! Here is the proper way to start off the journey!
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Miltoniopsis orchids are some of the most sensitive orchids I have ever grown. For this reason I recently decided to play it safe and use conventional media and approach to their care and things went much better!

Miltoniopsis orchids should be repotted soon after purchase, especially if the buds and flowers are already falling. Even if the orchid still has flowers, but has shrivelled pseudobulbs, it is time to remove the spike and repot the orchid.

The best medium for these orchids can vary depending on environment, but no matter the setup, this orchid should always be constantly moist, it really hates to be dry, especially in warm temperatures.

Here is more on choosing a medium suitable for your environment

Here is more on the pots I chose

The medium I use in this video

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Eveningland – Nimbus
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Orchid Nature
P.O. BOX 29002, CY-1620, Nicosia, Cyprus
✿ My environment:
Subtropical climate, hot summers and mild winters
60-90% humidity, always breezy
Growth space is kept at min 17C and max 29C
✿ What I use in my Grow Room:

LECA – Pokon or IKEA
Paph and Phrag Imperial Orchid Mix
Oncidium Imperial Orchid Mix
Sphagnum Moss – Spagmoss from Besgrow

Fertilizer and supplements:
MSU Orchid fertilizer for osmosis / rain water
Orchid Focus Bloom (when I need something low in N)

Pots, containers, baskets:
DIY self watering pots and masks from local flower shops
Lechuza self watering pots
Wooden Vanda baskets

LED shop panels from Leroy Merlin, 4000k
Tertial lamps from IKEA
Orvibo WiFi Smart Plugs

Shelf units:
Shirley’s Simple Shelving
Lerberg and Mulig from IKEA
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