Orchid Un-boxing_Orchids & More_03 Dec2019

Hey Guys! I have an exciting un-boxing from an orchid nursery in Germany called Ochids & More for you today. I had ordered from this nursery before and always received good quality orchids. Here is the list of orchids in this Un-boxing: Dendrobium Harlekin yellow/red (B) Dendrobium hodgkinsonii (J2) Encyclia cordigera ‘pink’ (J1) Laelia purpurata […]

Phalanopsis bellina_ In bloom orchid_Oct 2019

Hi Guys, Here is an spot light for my phal bellina which is been in bloom for some time( this is the second bloom that I filmed)! If you like to see photos of my first bloom on the bellina, please check my Instagram. Here is my Instagram if you like to check photos of […]