Orchids that scare me! ?(Halloween Special)

Today I’ll tell you all about the orchids that currently are keeping me up at night and down right kinda scare me! ? More info below! ? Happy Halloween and enjoy!  ? 10 easy Orchids for beginners https://youtu.be/DjEBiYwAjDk Music: Temple of Runha – ELFL epidemicsound.com ————————————————————————————– ? Like my channel and want to help it […]

Maxillaria tenuifolia Orchid in need of help! + Fix for glazed clay self watering pots!

Today I take you along as I help out my Maxillaria tenuifolia and get her to the road of good hydration! ? More info below! ? Maxillaria tenuifolia is a super easy species to care for, learn more about it here https://youtu.be/oeEPAMTST3M Self watering pots work great with it, as it is a water loving […]

Repotting Mini Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilum & Dendrobium Orchids in the new self watering pots!

Today I take you along as we do some repotting in the new self watering pots! ? More info below! ? I recently purchased some new self watering pots from Amazon, find my store linked below for more details! I want to first test them out, so I needed some volunteers! The Phal jumped in […]

Orchid Updates – Plant Room renovation, new pots, tallest Cattleya ever & more!

Today we take a look at some new things in the plant room and also some orchids of course! ? More info below! ? 1. The tallest Cattleya ever is doing great, hoping for blooms soon! here is how she used to look like https://youtu.be/xTm-UwX-r7Y 2. Trying out some new self watering pots, find them […]

Mounted Orchids – How to & Care Tips! – Orchid Care for Beginners

Today’s video is sponsored by rePotme! ?They provided some of the pots, clips, stakes and the fertiliser I used for the Orchids in this video. Check them out here https://go.missorchidgirl.com/repotme30 ? More info below! ? Mounting Orchids gives us a glimpse of how they would naturally grow, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the most […]

Buying the right size Orchid to suit you! – Explaining seedling, near blooming, & other sizes ?

Today we talk about the sized at which orchids are sold and what do they mean for you asd a grower! ? More info below! ? Orchids can be sold at various sizes, or growing stages of their life, from seedlings all the way up to specimen size! It’s good to know what you should […]

Overwatering Orchids, wet feet, water from above ? ? | Demystifying Watering for Beginners

Today we talk about Orchid watering and all the advice, or practices you might hear people talk about, but not always thoroughly explain ? ? More info below! ? Over and underwatering, watering at the correct time of day, don;t leave water in dishes, so many rules and advice which can get a bit confusing! […]

About Brassavola Orchids – Collection & Care Tips

Today we talk a bit about some of the most beautiful kitties out there, the Brassavolas and their hybrids! ? More info below! ? Brassavola orchids are super easy to care for, even in normal homes! No need for humidifiers or temperature control, unless you have really cold conditions! They take the same care as […]

New Orchid pots from rePotme! + Giveaway! (CLOSED!)

The products in this video have been provided by rePotme, check them out here https://go.missorchidgirl.com/repotme ? More info below! ? Today I get to play with some nre ceramic and plastic pots from rePotme! Check out the glazed ceramic pots here https://go.missorchidgirl.com/cCsqcM Plastic slotted pots https://go.missorchidgirl.com/Stjj80 Succulent pots https://go.missorchidgirl.com/PRUu4t Vandas in clay pots and temporary […]