How to Care for Oncidium Orchids – Watering, Repotting, Reblooming & more! | Beginner Guides

Today’s video is sponsored by rePotme! ?They provided some of the pots, clips, stakes and the fertilizer I used for the Orchids in this video. Check them out here ? More info below! ? Oncidiums are very popular in flower shops and garden centers, alongside Phalaenopsis! So let’s get to know them better, by […]

Orchid Care for Beginners – 5 Orchids that make great Holiday gifts! + Giveaway!

This video is sponsored by rePotme, who also provided the medium, pots, clips, some of the stakes and fertilizer I used for the Orchids in this video. Check them out here ? More info below! ? Did you miss our Phalaenopsis care series? Check it out here Apart from Phalaenopsis, there are other […]

Orchid haul – Flower Shop finds! + Big Lip Phalaenopsis with terminal spike

Since you guys requested a video with the new orchids I found in the past couple of months, here it is! 😀 ? More info below! ? Well guess who has more red Oncidiums than she can handle? Me 😛 so some will be donated in an upcoming giveaway 😉 It appears that the flower […]

Epic Update on the 10 sick Oncidiums! – 4 month progress report

Today we are looking at the 10 Oncidiums I repotted in one go, which were not in great shape! ? More info below! ? In the spring I found a lot of Oncidium hybrids in my local flower shops, so I made some huge hauls! This is the first one I decided to make […]

Orchid Updates – Spathoglottis, Paraphalaenopsis, sick Oncidiums & more!

Today we take a look at some orchids that are just interesting! Some you requested, some I just want to show! ? More info below! ? Paraphalaenopsis labukensis is growing.. slowly but surely. Look how tiny she used to be This spring I purchased a whole collection of Oncidiums, here is one of the […]

Repotting Mule Ear Oncidium Orchid – What to do with a damaged rhizome

Today we are working with a Mule Ear Oncidium orchid once again! But this little orchid has an issue which we need to address 🙂 ? More info below! ? The Mule Ear Oncidiums, now classified as Trichocentrum, is an interesting orchid with large, robust leaves and very tiny pseudobulbs! It reminds me of Psychopsis […]

4 Orchids which smell like chocolate!

Today we look at 4 orchids which many people consider chocolaty scented! ? More info below! ? 1. Oncidium Sharry Baby, one of the most popular fragrant orchid out there! Oncidium orchid care 2. Oncidium Heaven Scent, very similar to the Sharry Baby, but more compact flower! Growth stages of Oncidiums 3. Wilsonara […]

Ascda Kulwadee Fragrance with 2 spikes • High up in lath house

Had the plant flowering for a few years, and this is her first double spike. Sorry for the abrupt ending… I was on a stepladder when it started raining… ?