My orchids that really like small Orchiata bark

Report on using small Orchiata bark for random orchids for about 6 months… Plants in this video: Epidendrum porpax Ludisia discolor Pleurothallis prolifica Bulbophyllum ambrosia Bulbophyllum Clouds Dragonfire Masdevallia xanthina

September 2017 orchids update

Paphiopedilum hangianum seedlings repotted… new buds on Angraecum germinyanum… results of orchiata vs. regular bark experiment…

Orchiata vs fir bark mix for paphiopedilum seedlings(experiment)

While moving my paphiopedilums to new orchid substrate – orchiata I created two same community pots with Paph. M. Koopowitz. One potted into orchiata, the other – my usual mix of fir bark and sponge rock and will be watching them grow comparing two mediums. Plants look very light green because they were exposed to […]