Unboxing Exciting Orchid Haul! – Finally purchased my dream Orchids ?

Today is an important day for my Orchid hobby.. I purchased myself the wonderful.. and dreaded, Dracula Orchid! also called the monkey Orchid! ? More info below! ? After a few months of postponing my projects, I finally have some new Orchids to play with! Unfortunately using standard postal services is not an option for […]

Unboxing Neofinetia Orchid Haul! – A new passion is starting! ?

Today I take you along as I unbox a new Orchid haul, made up almost entirely out of Neofinetia falcata! ? More info below! ? I recently made an order from Orchids Deluxe and I am very excited to start a new journey in my Orchid collecting! Visit them here http://bit.ly/2RTy9kn I have had my […]

Orchid haul – Flower Shop finds! + Big Lip Phalaenopsis with terminal spike

Since you guys requested a video with the new orchids I found in the past couple of months, here it is! 😀 ? More info below! ? Well guess who has more red Oncidiums than she can handle? Me 😛 so some will be donated in an upcoming giveaway 😉 It appears that the flower […]

Unboxing birthday Orchid haul! – Orchideen Lucke Review

Today it’s time to unbox some new orchids! I got myself a whole bunch of them as a gift for my bday 😉 ? More info below! ? I ordered these orchids from Lucke Review in Germany, visit them here http://bit.ly/34zIV5F I purchased mainly rupicolous Laelias, but a few others as well. For the first […]

Few novelty phalaenopsis orchids from Kingfisher Orchids

I got some awesome plants! And a bonus orchid too!

Orchid haul from Crystal Star Nursery

I thought I would get some hoyas but look what I got instead… 🙂

Dream Orchid Haul! – Rare Oncidium intergenerics!

Today we take a look at my recent Oncidium acquisitions, a dream Orchid haul indeed! ? More info below! ? The Oncidium that smells like chocolate, which I found last week is called Cyrtocidium Kolibri! 1. Wilsonara Habibi ‘Pacific Pleasures’, looks like the Oncidium which was dearest to me and I lost.. but a red […]

Orchid haul from Ottawa orchid show – my smallest haul so far..

I only bought two orchids at the show but both are from the top of my wish list. Here is what I got: Dendrobium tobaense var. giganteum from J&L and Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis from Orchids in our Tropics

Epic Oncidium Orchid haul – My favorite intergenerics!

It rarely happens that I find orchids I really want to have at the flower shop. Today is one of those rare days! ? More info below! ? Oncidium orchids (generally) and specifically their intergeneric hybrids have been my favorite group in my early orchid growing days, but these orchids are not as resilient as […]