Successful Orchid Projects! – Laelias, Vanda seedlings, sick Phalaenopsis & more!

Today we take a look at some Orchids that are actually doing great and the projects we started were a success! ? More info below! ? 1. The rupicolous Laelias are finally establishing and growing roots strong! Here is the latest project video on them 2. The Psychopsis Mariposa did not skip a beat […]

Project Orchids Updates – Vanilla, saved Phalaenopsis keiki, seedlings & more!

Today we take a look at some orchids that are part of past projects or tutorials and see how they’ve been since I last filmed them! ? More info below! ? The Vanilla orchid is.. alright :))) well judging by its history, it could have gone either way. Here is a history of this very […]

Ending Orchid Projects – Rockwool and Colomi minerals setups

Today we are taking a final look at some orchid setup experiments we started a while back! ? More info below! ? The first setup is using rockwool cubes as medium, watch the initial video here This material isn’t as absorbent as sphagnum moss, so it cannot fully replace it. It is also not […]