SCHOMBURGKIA • ( Myrmecophila Tibiana )

Primary hybrid: ( Tibicinis x Thomsoiana ) It will be cleaned up and hung as is…

Using Seaweed extract to promote Orchid roots – Results after 2 months

Today we test out a product that many people swear by and try to see if it makes any difference in helping my orchids root! ? More info below! ? The product that I will use is Neptune’s Harvest, find it here This is supposed to enhance the entire plant and yield better harvest. […]

Repotting Orchids with big root systems – Discussion on cutting roots

Today we take a look at a new Oncidium type orchid with quite the extensive root system and see how to properly repot it! ? More info below! ? When receiving a new orchid it’s always a great idea to repot it sooner rather than later. Some orchids are just a pain to repot though, […]

Orchid aerial roots – Why Orchids grow them, what to do about them

Today we talk about yet another suggested topic: aerial roots on orchids! ? More info below! ? For a more in depth look at orchid roots in general, check this out In essence, most epiphytic orchid roots are aerial, with a few exceptions. This term refers to potted orchids and cultivated orchids, just for […]