Vanda Orchid Seedlings Project! – I will grow these Orchids from babies to bloom size! ?

Today we are working with some baby Orchids! I just ordered some NoID Vanda seedlings and I intend to grow them until they bloom.. and more! ? More info below! ? Since they were dehydrated after the long transport, I left them overnight to soak, but a few hours is more than enough. How I […]

New orchid babies from Gabrielle Carson

Gabrielle’s channel: Blooming of catasetum mama plant:

Cattleya Orchid seedlings Update – Thoughts on deficiencies

Today we take a look at the Cattleya seedlings that I have for the past couple of years! ? More info below! ? Here is an older video of these orchids in semi hydroponics Orchid seedlings are generally more sensitive and demanding that mature orchids. They always grow bigger structures so they always require […]