How to Care for a New Orchid without Orchid supplies!

Today I’ll tell you how to go about a new orchid which might need some help, even if we don’t have orchid supplies! ? More info below! ? New orchids might not actually need repotting, or any help at all other than proper watering and external conditions. So first we need to assess the health […]

My Orchid Supplies – What I use in my grow room | Media, pots, ferts & more!

Today we take a look at all the orchid supplies I regularly use in my grow room, from media, to pots, tools and more! ? More info below! ? Pots are the most diverse supply I use. I always reuse my pots if they are not falling apart and I try to find all sorts […]

Unboxing orchid supplies from Tropical Gardens

Got some bark and proper orchid fertilizer. Finally trying to set up fertilizing routine for my orchids.Was expecting bark to be larger and better…