Orchid tank update – summer 2019

What’s going on in my orchid tank this summer…

September 2018 orchid tank update: who moved out – who moved in…

Over a month since my tank became hot and humid…. Content of the tank changed …. One neofinetia (the cutest one) almost RIP… Some spikes…

August 2018 orchids update – Tour de Tank

Moved my tank from cold dark basement to first floor spare room. Cleaned and re-arranged it. Temperatures increased from 18-20C during the day to 25-27C. Will masdevallias be ok? Also created my first succulent tray….

Orchid tanks consolidation and orchid shuffling

I merged orchids from two tanks into one and decommissioned smaller tank….

Cleaned and rearranged orchid tanks and couple spikes.

Especially proud of spike on seedling of Phal Gelblieber ‘Arianne’ X LD’s Bear King ‘YK #1’. I deflasked these seedlings only last summer and largest one is spiking already. Here is picture from last year: http://orchidlog.blogspot.ca/2015/06/phal-gelblieber-arianne-x-lds-bear-king.html

Orchid tank

One of my orchid tanks hosting various orchids including some seedlings… Artificial lighting provided by Hydrofarm fixture with T5HO light bulbs.