Unboxing birthday Orchid haul! – Orchideen Lucke Review

Today it’s time to unbox some new orchids! I got myself a whole bunch of them as a gift for my bday 😉 ? More info below! ? I ordered these orchids from Lucke Review in Germany, visit them here http://bit.ly/34zIV5F I purchased mainly rupicolous Laelias, but a few others as well. For the first […]
Orchid Unboxing 2018: Orchid Garden

Orchid Unboxing 2018: Orchid Garden

And here we have yet another Orchid Unboxing 2018 video. This time, I made a super haul from Orchid Garden from Poland. I had a super chat with the owner, she recommended me some great orchids which she had picked up her self 🙂 I made a common order with a friend, she got some […]
Orchid Unboxing 2018: DELICIOUS Lemony Fragrance

Orchid Unboxing 2018: DELICIOUS Lemony Fragrance

Today we are doing an orchid unboxing 2018. I had recived 2 cattleya orchids, one in bud, one with a delicious lemony fragrance. The fragrant cattleya I belive to be Cattleya Memoria Anna Balmores and the one in bud I think must be a Cattleya Panthum Green, a gorgeous green orchid with a purple lip. […]

Unboxing awesome Orchid haul – Things get scary!! :0

Today we make an Orchid unboxing, since it has been a while! The orchids are fabulous, the free travelers, not so much 😛 ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ All orchids have been purchased from ebay, Poland, from 2 sellers I buy from for a while now. Transport is usually ok and the orchids look good. The Paphs, […]