Orchids I almost lost.. but I saved instead ?

Today we look at some Orchids that were almost lost for a reason or another but wouldn’t you know it! They proved me wrong and now are still around! ? More info below! ? 1. Last winter was quite the fail with some of my catasetums, but I managed to save parts of the pseudobulbs […]

Orchid Updates – Spathoglottis, Mystery Orchids, Vanda Mimi Palmer & more!

Today we take a look at some Orchids which need some updates! Things are always a mixed bunch, but there is always hope 😀 ? More info below! ? Spathoglottis affinis is growing a flower spike, but all the leaves have fallen! It is normal, this is a deciduous Orchid 😀 here is how I […]

Orchids with flower spikes & their stories – Updates and thoughts

Today we take a look at some orchids which have flower spikes or buds and talk about them and other things orchid related! ? More info below! ? Dendrobium venustum is finally flowering! I got this one 3 years ago, check it out here https://youtu.be/NughW6R-RrU I don’t know much about this orchid, so this website […]

Fall Orchid Updates – Tolumnias, Catasetums, Unexpected spikes & more!

Today we take a look at some orchids which we didn’t feature in a long time, some of which you wanted to see as well! ? More info below! ? 1. Arachnis (Arachnanthe, Esmeralda) cathcartii is a special orchid to mee and I managed to find a seedling to buy. Recently something is developing opposite […]

After vacation Orchid Updates! – Summer blooming Phals, Cattleyas & more!

Today we make some orchid updates.. again :)) we need to take it easy for a while 😛 ? More info below! ? 1. My summer blooming Phals have been kept on the terrace this summer, but I cannot say I am impressed with their evolution. Things are not bad though 🙂 2. My red […]

Project Orchids Updates – Vanilla, saved Phalaenopsis keiki, seedlings & more!

Today we take a look at some orchids that are part of past projects or tutorials and see how they’ve been since I last filmed them! ? More info below! ? The Vanilla orchid is.. alright :))) well judging by its history, it could have gone either way. Here is a history of this very […]

Orchid Updates – Tolumnias, Gongora, Bratonia & more! + Guest appearance Charlie

Today we look at some orchids that I want to have some records on 😛 plus… here’s my new buddy! ? More info below! ? 1. My Jewel orchids are doing great after repotting them from that algae issue! https://youtu.be/A0rV7KILirw 2. Tuberolabium kotoense, we didn’t even make an update ever since I got this orchid […]

The special Orchids Updates – Vanilla, cucumber Orchid, variegated Cattleya & more!

Today we take a look at some orchids which I find special and not usually found in flower shops, or even nurseries 😀 ? More info below! ? 1. Vanilla planifolia, one of the most popular new orchid available, is finally doing great! Just take a look at its history: Potting the cuttings https://youtu.be/altCs4PWqfc Trying […]

Orchids by request – Zygopetalum, Vanilla, Coelogyne & more!

Today we take a look at some orchids that you guys want an update on! ? More info below! ? 1. Vandacostylis Colmarie is an orchid I received to save. Here is how she looked like https://youtu.be/YWWSmESv3Fo 2. Potinara Burana Beauty is a very vigorous hybrid, she is growing great! 3. Potinara Fu Shu Glory […]