Colmanara Masai Red’s fast growth after repotting

Yesterday I repotted my Colmanara Masai Red orchid. And this morning, when I went to see my plants, I was surprised by an unexpected fast growth of the newest pseudobulb, which is still developing. I have never seen this kind of orchid growing so fast, so I had to share this with you, guys! When […]

June 2015 Greenhouse Update

There isn’t quite as much in bloom this month. As we move into summer more and more of the plants are concentrating on vegetative growth. Still, there are a good number of Encyclias making their appearance helping to make June a rewarding month in the greenhouse.

Repotting Cattleyas

When I was first asked to do this video I wondered why anyone would need a repotting video on Cattleyas. There are enough of them out there on other sites. After thinking about it I came to a conclusion that something just a bit different was called for. So this video makes an attempt to […]

Potting orchids that need fast drainage

Many orchids need to dry quickly between waterings. These include rupicolous Laelias as well as many Dendrobiums and Encyclia species. Here I show the method that works for me. Using good quality bark is one of the key components of this.

Transferring a plant to basket culture

Some plants and genera just don’t do well in pots. Here is a proven method that I use for basket culture. The nice thing about this is that by altering the amount of sphagnum moss you can control how much moisture the plant receives. A minor note – I did say the name wrong for […]

How to mount an orchid

Well, the title says it all. You get to spend 20 minutes with an old fart while he plays with a piece of wood and some wire. Seriously, mounting orchids can be a daunting process. Here I hope to show you what you need and how to do it. ***Very Important*** Make sure the plant […]