Unboxing Neofinetia Orchid Haul! – A new passion is starting! 😍

Today I take you along as I unbox a new Orchid haul, made up almost entirely out of Neofinetia falcata! 🦋 More info below! 🦋 I recently made an order from Orchids Deluxe and I am very excited to start a new journey in my Orchid collecting! Visit them here http://bit.ly/2RTy9kn I have had my […]

Potting 3 Terrestrial Orchids – Jewel Orchid, Calanthe & Spathoglottis!

Today I take you along as I pot 3 terrestrial Orchids in a peat moss mixture, which I am trying for the first time! 🦋 More info below! 🦋 The Spathoglottis affinis did make it through its first year and even bloomed in December! Here is the initial potting video https://youtu.be/mngiLZDBuOI The Ludisia discolor, or […]

Repotting Unruly Dendrobium Orchid – Potting Keikis with mother plant for a bushier Orchid!

Visit my merch store here http://bit.ly/2RXOF5K Today we take care of the Dendrobium Cherry Song and try to tidy it up a bit, while still maintaining a bushy effect! 🦋 More info below! 🦋 When I purchased this orchid I managed to do quite a bad repotting, here is what happened https://youtu.be/Q1ZElRfms7M It turns out […]

Orchids in bloom – January 2020 + Orchid of the year 2019!

Today we take a look at the orchids in bloom in January 2020 and declare the Orchid of the year 2019! 🦋 More info below! 🦋 Vote for your favorite orchid this month here http://www.strawpoll.me/19341700 1. Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset, my little crown jewel! 2. Dendrobium Cherry Song, we need to repot him soon! 3. Cattleya […]

January 2020 Orchid Collection Update: Semi-Hydroponics

An update on my orchid collection in semi-hydroponics as of January 2020. _____________________________________________ Relevant/Referenced Videos: Understanding Algae: Semi-Hydroponics Repotting My Vandaceous Orchids https://youtu.be/uQaVWnJuirQ Relocating My Orchid Collection Unboxing the Spider Farmer LED Grow Light SF100 _____________________________________________ Bloom Profile Videos Playlist: _____________________________________________ Monthly Orchid Collection Updates Playlist: _____________________________________________ My System Explained Playlist: _____________________________________________ Follow Me: Instagram: […]

10 Tips for Repotting Orchids You Should Know! | Orchid Tips for Beginners

This video is sponsored by rePotme and many accessories used in this video are provided by them. Visit them here http://bit.ly/2IH9Hzb 🦋 More info below! 🦋 Want to learn how to repot a Phalaenopsis Orchid? Here is a complete tutorial https://youtu.be/cWFyQzJbGDg Learn more about growing and repotting Cattleya Orchids https://youtu.be/vgHaLpN7nb4 Orchids are best repotted when […]

Repotting My Coryanthes Macrantha x Self

A brief overview of the repot process for No.58, my Coryanthes Macrantha x Self. Relevant/Referenced Videos: 2019 Game Changers: Semi-Hydroponics https://youtu.be/DKFGtBGvtmE _____________________________________________ Featured Products: https://www.seattleorchid.com/Coryanthes-macrantha-p/qscory-macrantha.htm Bayyee Hanging Basket Plant… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LWYAQ8E?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share _____________________________________________ Bloom Profile Videos Playlist: _____________________________________________ Monthly Orchid Collection Updates Playlist: _____________________________________________ My System Explained Playlist: _____________________________________________ Follow Me: Instagram: @thebeardedbeautybible Subscribe to my Beauty […]

New Tolumnia Orchids! + Collection Update after losing ALL my Tolumnias

Today we take a look at some new Tolumnia orchids and also not so new ones and see how my collection is coming along! 🦋 More info below! 🦋 Less than 2 years ago I managed to lose all my Tolumnia collection, due to a big culture mistake, here is what happened https://youtu.be/Ne8KRI-31FI Ever since […]

Orchid of the Year 2019! – Time for the final vote!

Today we recap the 12 winners of last year as chosen by you, month by month and organize the final vote which wil decide which is the most popular Orchid in my collection! 🦋 More info below! 🦋 Cast your vote here http://www.strawpoll.me/19311176 Here are all the many many many.. episodes of ‘Orchids in Bloom’ […]