SCHOMBURGKIA • ( Myrmecophila Tibiana )

Primary hybrid: ( Tibicinis x Thomsoiana ) It will be cleaned up and hung as is…

Hknsa Koollau Sunset x Schomburgkia grandiflora

Epicyclia Serena O’Neill (Epy. Mabel Kenda x E. cordigera) Ebay seller is: marblekg

CATTLEYAS In Heat/Quarantine Chamber To Stay Put

They’ve been maintained here for approx. 100 days and will ride out Hurricane Irma in place… In my mind, they will welcome Irma. The twin tents have been repositioned between a neighbor’s fence and the east mini-shadehouse, and everything in the south and east shadehouse, courtyard, west arbor and under trees will also remain outdoors, […]

My choice of Orchid Fertilizer + application method

Please understand this video is a responce to several questions which have been addressed priviously and is not advice. I’m simply explaining what product I use and why I use it… 🙂 I follow label instructions 100%

A neighbor’s 25-year-old Dendrobium + update

Both of these are in full sun; western exposure.. UPDATE: On 1 May, 2016, while driving past this house, I saw ALL THE CANES cut away from the plant on the second tree by the previous owner. I asked the new owner if he had any plans to keep the portion still mounted on the […]