…and the rains came. Grammatophyllum scriptum var. citrinum

Three flowering plants in plastic mesh-lined cedar baskets. Maintained in full Eastern exposure under 50% shade lath.

Giant Vanda Mimi Palmer x V. tessellata cut in half with two spikes

Sorry for the poor quality and I haven’t had time to check this phone. Anyway, this is one Vanda that I had to cut in half because of its size; where the base section of the main stem is mounted, while the mid section up to the crown is hanging next to it with one […]

Schomburgkia brysiana — with two super-long, thick spikes.

I actually bought this on November 3, 2019, and not September.

SCHOMBOLAELIA Garnet ‘Rusty’ • 28 Spikes Progress

Thus far moving along nicely considering the cooler nights a couple weeks ago. This is maintained in Southern exposure under 20/20 mesh screening. Watered daily and fed every 7-10 days with a Better-Gro 20-14-13…. and nothing else.

Vanilla orchid arbor – Mounts Botanical Gardens • West Palm Beach, Florida

Not sure if I ever posted this or not. Something I always liked since it seems manageable and functional… and maybe something I might consider adding into the landscape in the near future. Found the video in my archive with poor audio.

CATTLEYA • Husky Boy ‘Romeo’ less his “Red Spot on Lip”

Not uncommon with the Husky Boy to miss a red spot on lip with age which returns the following flowering.

13 and 15-year-old Brassocattleya Maikais opening…

These were all Better-Gro Bag-Babies in 2005-2007. Full, compact and with short psbs… I feed with a Better-Gro 20.14.13, full-strength per label instructions which they accept well in my climate… ?

30-Day Update: Schombo with 28 spikes progress.

Schombolaelia Garnet ‘Rusty’ Purchased in Sept. 2019, and previous video is indexed.