Unboxing of my begonias from Araflora _Netherlands

Hey guys, In this video I am unboxing my box from Araflora . This order is only for begonias and mostly species from this nursery in the Netherlands, hope you enjoy. Here is the list of begonias that I ordered: Begonia masoniana ‘Iron Cross’ Begonia x Autumn Ember Begonia malipoensis “Starter” Begonia new Red Starter […]

Orchid Unboxing_Ebay seller_03 Dec 2019

Hi Guys, I’ve got another Orchid Unboxing for you today from my favourite UK Ebay seller. Here are the orchids I ordered in this unboxing: Oncidium Sharry Baby `Sweet Fragrance` Masdevallia `Sugar Baby` Burrageara Nelly Isler `Red Velvet` Dendrobium sulawesiense red x cuthb. yellow Don’t forget to Subscribe if you haven’t already and Like this […]

Orchid Un-boxing_Orchids & More_03 Dec2019

Hey Guys! I have an exciting un-boxing from an orchid nursery in Germany called Ochids & More for you today. I had ordered from this nursery before and always received good quality orchids. Here is the list of orchids in this Un-boxing: Dendrobium Harlekin yellow/red (B) Dendrobium hodgkinsonii (J2) Encyclia cordigera ‘pink’ (J1) Laelia purpurata […]

Orchid Delux order update

Here is my update regarding my latest order from Orchid Delux and what they did. Here is the list of orchids you see in this video in case you wanted to Google and see the pictures: Phal. Chiang Yi Little Peppers X LD Bear Queen (replaced Phal.Dragon Tree Eagle DT168) Phal.Ld’s Bear King YK-10 Please […]

Unboxing the Spider Farmer LED Grow Light SF100

A brief unboxing of the Spider Farmer LED Grow Light SF100. This product was gifted to me by Spider Farmer. _____________________________________________ Shop: LED Grow Light SF1000: https://www.amazon.com/Spider-Farmer-Samsung-Dimmable-Spectrum/dp/B07TS82HWB/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=led+grow+light&qid=1571651732&sr=8-8  Promo Code: Enter discount code “5michael” at checkout to receive 5% off your purchase. This code works for Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, for all models. _____________________________________________ Relevant/Referenced […]

Opening care package from rePotme & Orchid projects to come

Today I open a package from rePotme, which they decided to send after my grand pruners situation a while back :)) 🦋 More info below! 🦋 All these products have been sent by rePotme for no charge, check them out here http://bit.ly/2IH9Hzb Since I have quite a few Orchid projects in mind, I will surely […]
Orchid Unboxing 2018: Orchid Garden

Orchid Unboxing 2018: Orchid Garden

And here we have yet another Orchid Unboxing 2018 video. This time, I made a super haul from Orchid Garden from Poland. I had a super chat with the owner, she recommended me some great orchids which she had picked up her self 🙂 I made a common order with a friend, she got some […]
Orchid Unboxing 2018: DELICIOUS Lemony Fragrance

Orchid Unboxing 2018: DELICIOUS Lemony Fragrance

Today we are doing an orchid unboxing 2018. I had recived 2 cattleya orchids, one in bud, one with a delicious lemony fragrance. The fragrant cattleya I belive to be Cattleya Memoria Anna Balmores and the one in bud I think must be a Cattleya Panthum Green, a gorgeous green orchid with a purple lip. […]