Trying out Colomi minerals Orchid setup – No fertilizer needed??

Today it’s time for another experiment, but this time it’s a very questionable one :)))
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A while back I received this medium from one of my viewers, check it out here and you can visit the store here

In my video I used it only as a top layer, but manufacturer actually says this is designed to work great with orchids as a sole medium. So I am trying to use it as they suggest, with a vase without drainage. Is it even necessary to say that I DO NOT support this setup? I think it’s not.

You can check more about this product here

Now one thing they cmail is that the medium softens water… by reducing the kH. Well kH is temporary hardness, not general (or total) hardness.

Orchitop pots

Learn about water parameters, including pH

Learn more from Wikipedia and and

So does it provide nutrients, what nutrients, what softening qualities it has? I have no idea. You know I’m a skeptic, but even experiments which will fail teach us something 😉

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By The Croft by Joakim Karud
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