Unboxing- Hoya cuttings from Paul & Shirly in Netherlands

Hi Guys,
Today I got a different unboxing (other than orchids) and that is for Hoya cuttings. Recently I’ve been into Hoyas and would like to expand my Hoya collection and thought getting the cuttings is the best and cheap way of doing that.

Here is the nursery I ordered from: https://www.paulshirleysucculents.nl/shop/hoyas-a-m/

Here is the list of my hoyas in the unboxing(+ 2 Epiphyllum cuttings):

Epiphyllium Blackamore
Epiphyllium Adriana
Hoya verticillata
Hoya sp. Vietnam
Hoya verticillate
Hoya thompsonii
Hoya pubicalyx Silver Pink
Hoya pubicalyx Red Button
Hoya obovata Ted Green
Hoya meliflua
Hoya macrocarpa variegate
Hoya kentiana
Hoya carnosa Compacta
Hoya carnosa Compacta variegata

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