Unboxing HUGE Orchid Order, Part 2, Carmela Orchids, Orchid Diva

Hi Guys! Welcome back to my channel! Thank you for watching my Unboxing video. This order was HUGE so I had to split it into 2 videos. Please watch the 1st video first where I unbox orchids 1-5…

Here is the link:

This order was shipped to me from Carmela Orchids.

These are the Orchids I received:

-Den. Burana Jade ‘Hawaii’
-Maxillaria tenuifolia (Coconut Orchid)
-Den. Violet Yamaji ‘Nalo’
– Den. Nopporn Pink ‘Carmela’
– Wils. Firecat ‘king Snake’
-Wils. Firecat ‘Sib Cross’
– Mtssa. Dark Star ‘The orchid works’
– Bulbophyllum Rothschildianun ‘Red Chimney’
– Den. Lorrie Mortimer S&W

Here is the link to my Cattleya Unboxing video:

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See you in my next video!

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