Unboxing the Spider Farmer LED Grow Light SF100

A brief unboxing of the Spider Farmer LED Grow Light SF100. This product was gifted to me by Spider Farmer.


LED Grow Light SF1000:

Promo Code:
Enter discount code “5michael” at checkout to receive 5% off your purchase. This code works for Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, for all models.

Relevant/Referenced Videos:

Basic LED Lighting Setup:


Key Dates:

Purchased: 06.26.2017

Flower Spike appears – 06.26.2019
In Bloom: 09.05.2019 through 09.15.2019


My Setup Explained:

Glass Pots: https://youtu.be/h3PKt-UJjpE
Medium: https://youtu.be/K8wMGGnRv54
Watering: https://youtu.be/JABnPLGcfBg
Humidity: https://youtu.be/0afu-FZGeAU
Toolkit: https://youtu.be/3ITGl6M9t78

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