Denise's Orchid Paradise

Sargioara Yokosuks story”little Oriole” and Brassolaelia yellow bird

Sargioara Yokosuka story “Little Oriole”( Epicattleya Rene Marques X Rhyncattleanthe Free Spirit) and Brassolaelia Yellow bird( BL. Richard Mueller x Brassavola Nodosa)

Potinara Love Spirit NN #1

Potinara Love spirit NN #1 is a compact cattleya with a sunshine yellow bloom , I don’t detect a fragrance

Vascostylis Mishima lime

Vascostylis Mishima Lime( Vanda Denisoniana x Vandachostylis five friendship) has small 2.5 inch lime green flowers with a bright pink lip that smell of sweet citrus,

BC. Peach Bird

BC. Peach Bird ( BC. Maikai x Cattleya Herbert Oesterreich) 2.5 inch flowers on a compact plant,

BLC. Jami Hollingsworth ‘Sun Bulb”

This orchid was purchased as a bag baby from Lowes ( Home improvement store) summer of 2016, this is the first blooming on this young plant, the blooms are so vibrant they look like neon,I don’t detect a fragrance, but I’m pleased with the color and shape of the flower.

Highlights of 2018

This is a video Highlighting some of the blooms I had for 2018, I want to thank everyone for watching my videos through the year, I appreciate it so much.

BC. Maikai Mayumi x LC. Purpurata

This was a 4 bulb division two years ago when I purchased it, this is her first blooming for me and I’m very pleased with her, she has a slight floral fragrance

BLC. Aloha Mermaid and Bc Binosa

BLC. Aloha Mermaid (C.Aloha case x BC. Little mermaid). BC. Binosa ( Brassavola nodosa x Cattleya bicolor)

Catyclia Leon Glicenstein

Cty. Leon Glicenstein(Cattleya intermedia x Encyclia Cordigera) highly fragrant with the smell of roses