Eds Orchids

A bit of repotting and a beautiful day.

Thought I’d just add a bit of humour !!!!!

What’s happening in the greenhouse ?

Thoughts, things to do and a look at a few plants.

Catching up on the repots.

The camera has started to do it’s own thing on the exposure…..sorry it’s a bit dark.

Paphiopedilum deep pot check up and a nice surprise.

Good surprises are just what we need in these troubled times.

My answers to the TAG !

I wouldn’t think that there are many different tags which could be interesting………..but someone will come up with something in these dark times…..hopefully, to give us all something out of the unusual to watch.

The In’s and out’s of my orchid greenhouse

Should have said 400ml and not 40ml for the output on the humidifier.

Watering , feeding and a look round the greenhouse.

Can’t go to the little greenhouse to show the beautiful blooms. Can’t go to other growers greenhouses either, so any suggestions from my viewers ( now don’t be naughty !! ) about future videos would be more than welcome.

Experiment with a big Renanthera

Very pleased with doing this one and will be more than pleased when I see some progress. Years ago this plant won a best in show award with nearly 60 flower blooms.

A little discussion and a bloop on Cymbidiums

I’ve only got eight or is it seven after todays episode??