Eds Orchids

In my opinion, a very important cattleya repot

Just keep an eye on your cattleyas using sphagnum!!

Update on my Cattleyas and Laelias.

I used to grow these over 35 years ago but gave up because of mealy bug and scale. Thankfully the simple process of the bleach treatment has eliminated all the cleaning and spraying treatments which saves me quite a lot of work.

It’s nearly the time to bring the paphs indoors…..some thoughts on indoor growing

The noid paph has opened….can anyone give it a name??…..only printable names please.

My phragmipedium culture………Part 1

Due to my 15min max I have had to edit this in 2 parts. When editing I inadvertently deleted part of part 2.

A look at catasetum and ceologyne

Only a short video……still trying to get longer than 15mins !!!

Slipper orchid blooms update.

May I just take this opportunity to thank you all for taking a look at this channel Thank you so much everyone.

The needs of oncidium and lycaste

The brain was a little slow at finding words today——–must have an early night!!!!!!