Eds Orchids

The little greenhouse and 15mins plus??

The actual video is 12mins 59secs but I’ve added a little on to take it to 15mins 30secs………….just to see if youtube cuts the last 30secs off !!

Paet 1 of the Orchid discussion after the show.

Sorry but I have had to do this in three parts otherwise I would have had to edit too much. This part is 11mins 35secs Part 2 is 9mins 33secs and part 3 is 13mins. I hope this will be the last of ‘parts’

Trimming and repotting Phragmipediums.

So different home growing to greenhouse……..I think this is why some phrags are taking a long time to adapt. I expect the same will apply to all orchids.

Dendrobium Nobile after flowering

Trying my best to cultivate and rebloom this fantastic orchid.