Eds Orchids

Unboxing & fitting the MarsHydro SP 150 over the Orchids

A beautiful piece of kit and very easy to fit. Gives a brilliant true daylight beam. Will take a few weeks to ascertain its effectiveness but will give regular updates every few days.

Phrags and the benefits of Fish,blood and bone.

Only a short video just to explain why I use this fertilizer.

Cattleyas……making them comfy !!

Just something which had to be done.

End of month complete update….almost.

Very difficult to get good light for filming these in the kitchen,,,,,so did them in situ as it were!!!

Phrag. kovachii………the ending minutes !!

In future all videos will be less than 15 minutes. My apologise but there doesn’t seem that I can do anything about the situation…..unless I can get to speak to someone at youtube.

Phrag. kovachii…unpotting, splitting and re-potting.

Well I’ve just uploaded a video which is 22minutes in length. There is nothing else I can do if this doesn’t work and cuts me off after 15.minutes……….I’ll have to add another video of 7 minutes.

Orchids…….Davids greenhouse Part two.

Should have entered the 2nd video first !!