Eds Orchids

A delivery of specie phaleanopsis with some information.

N ever thought I would enthuse about these….how wrong I was!!!!

Go on….make a bun !!!

The things we do when we’re in lockdown !!!

How I cultivate my Phragmipediums

I got carried away again saying the longifolium was what it should have been a warscewiczianum.

Middle of the month Orchid update.

Plenty happenings which are all good.

A couple of Orchid failures.

I tried so hard with th macrochilum but things like this have to be done to protect your other stock.

Nice little orchid video and a …wow!!

I don’t think this video requires a description….just a bit of allsorts.

A few Orchid requests completed…..nearly!

A pleasure to answer all the questions and other things you ask……thanks.