John Benedict ORCHIDS

Canary Island Date Palm; full, tight (new growth fronds) crown.

Phoenix canariensis… Planted this in 1980, as a 3-gallon container.

Schombolaelia in heavy bud; finally.

So far there is still a minimum of 28 spikes; though still the possibility of up to three more recent spikes.

SCHOMBOLAELIA Garnet ‘Rusty’ • 28 Spikes Progress

Thus far moving along nicely considering the cooler nights a couple weeks ago. This is maintained in Southern exposure under 20/20 mesh screening. Watered daily and fed every 7-10 days with a Better-Gro 20-14-13…. and nothing else.

ARACHNIS • Spike and Bud ( South Florida USDA Zone 10b )

These last flowered from mid-Jan through mid-Jul 2019… without flowering in 2018, prior to being introduced to the landscape; though, they were in flower when I bought them in mid-2017, where they were field-grown in their 3-gallon containers as they are presently. These are fed approx. every 30-days with a Better-Gro 20-14-13, full strength per […]