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Epi. ciliare & Maikai (right on schedule) in bud and flower

The Maikai which are hanging in sequence exposure South/North begin spiking North to South with the two further North also flowing this past June… which kind of suggests that the immediatel microclimate just might extend due West should I decide to introduce those which are further South to the Northwest exposure. I just might try […]

SCHOMBURGKIA christinae ••• Rare species find…

The christinae in nature: Photos and interesting article of the christinae: Myrmecophila christinae

ARACHNIS • First spikes of the Winter flowering season

They’re all bit early this season since they first started flowering mid-January this year and continued flowering all through the Spring and up till mid-July.

EPIDENDRUM ciliare • In spike – bud.

Previous videos show the plant in flower (Sept 2018) when I bought it, which continued to flower through Christmas, 2018. The plant was in charcoal and lava granuals which I added more of when I moved it to this lined cedar basket.

SCHOMBURGKIA • Flower Spikes (28) Production Progress

…and my Bamboo 😀 Schombolaelia Garnet ‘Rusty’

VANDA • Yano Blue

( Madame Rallana ‘Blue Spot’ x Wirat )