John Benedict ORCHIDS

…and the rains came. Grammatophyllum scriptum var. citrinum

Three flowering plants in plastic mesh-lined cedar baskets. Maintained in full Eastern exposure under 50% shade lath.

Giant Vanda Mimi Palmer x V. tessellata cut in half with two spikes

Sorry for the poor quality and I haven’t had time to check this phone. Anyway, this is one Vanda that I had to cut in half because of its size; where the base section of the main stem is mounted, while the mid section up to the crown is hanging next to it with one […]

Vanda M.V. Tannins — Vanda Ben’s Delight

Vanda M.V. Tannins (V. lamelliata x V. memoria thianchai) Compact, and has flowered 3X for me in the past 18+ months. Southern exposure; under 70% shadecloth. Sadly, I have not had time to maintain my plants since January, and nothing had been fed, since… but they seem to be doing fine. Sorry for the poor […]

Schomburgkia tibiana ( tibicinis x thomsoniana ) in bud

I purchased this primary hybrid at a small show here in West Palm Beach, which had six small spikes at the time (Sept 2019). There’s a video down the index on that day of purchase. Be safe, everybody. ?

Grammatophyllums elegans in spike, bud and bloom • Jungle-Style

Been busy with a few neighbors who live alone and running around not paying too much attention to the orchids… and just noticed this today. They’re right on schedule, too. Take care and be safe… ????❤

Schomburgkia brysiana gone wild with twin giant spikes

Both spikes are well over two meters tall and still stretching without the first sign of any buds.