John Benedict ORCHIDS

Schomburgkia tibiana ( tibicinis x thomsoniana ) in bud

I purchased this primary hybrid at a small show here in West Palm Beach, which had six small spikes at the time (Sept 2019). There’s a video down the index on that day of purchase. Be safe, everybody. 💚

Grammatophyllums elegans in spike, bud and bloom • Jungle-Style

Been busy with a few neighbors who live alone and running around not paying too much attention to the orchids… and just noticed this today. They’re right on schedule, too. Take care and be safe… 💙💚💛💜❤

Schomburgkia brysiana gone wild with twin giant spikes

Both spikes are well over two meters tall and still stretching without the first sign of any buds.

Schomburgkia brysiana — with two super-long, thick spikes.

I actually bought this on November 3, 2019, and not September.

Canary Island Date Palm; full, tight (new growth fronds) crown.

Phoenix canariensis… Planted this in 1980, as a 3-gallon container.

Schombolaelia in heavy bud; finally.

So far there is still a minimum of 28 spikes; though still the possibility of up to three more recent spikes.