John Benedict ORCHIDS

ARACHNIS • The last of this season’s blooms.

Previous videos show them in flower since mid-January, 2019… and prior flowering. They’re in full southern exposure and fed every 7-10 days with a full-strength (per label) Better-Gro 20-14-13 as with all my orchids; nothing else. It appears that the few, low, nightly temps (mid-40’sF) had no adverse effect on them.

HYDRO BLAST pressure cleaning the dock…

Now the ducks🦆turtles🐢iguanas🦎and gators🐊can sunbathe🏊on a newly-cleaned deck… 😀

Aerides (NOID). Too close to call; though very lemony scent.

Maybe in a day or two… We’ll see. Just fully opened yesterday with a very strong lemon fragrance. This is the first of several spikes on three plants to open.

One of my BrassoCattleya MAIKAI is blooming in June

I’ve had all of these since 2005-07; all were Better-Gro Bag Babies in 4-inch pots. All bloom mid-October through January.

I have no idea why I bought this orchid ~~~ 🤔

~~~ other than I think because it’s a beautiful Ceratostylis rubra… 😀