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Unboxing Orchids from eBay seller

Hey everyone! I have an orchid unboxing for you today. Here is the list of orchids in this purchase: Dendrobium sulaw. RED x cuthb. YELLOW Dendrobium cuthbertsonii purple Phalanopsis Yaphon Green x Manii flava Oncidium twinkle cinnamon Masdevalia NoID hybrid Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and give this video a like. You […]

Unboxing of my begonias from Araflora _Netherlands

Hey guys, In this video I am unboxing my box from Araflora . This order is only for begonias and mostly species from this nursery in the Netherlands, hope you enjoy. Here is the list of begonias that I ordered: Begonia masoniana ‘Iron Cross’ Begonia x Autumn Ember Begonia malipoensis “Starter” Begonia new Red Starter […]

Giveaway winner package un-boxing from The Orchid Room

Hi Guys, As you might know just before Christmas, I was the second runner up winner for “The Orchid Room” channel giveaway and lovely Anabel sent me this package that I decided to share with you. Hope you enjoy this Un-boxing with me. Please subscribe and like this video if you enjoyed it. Follow me […]

Repotting my Phalanopsis hybrid Phal Chiang Yi Little Peppers X LD Bear Queen

Hey guys, Today I am repotting my Phal. Chiang Yi Little Peppers X LD Bear Queen that I received from Orchid Delux as a replacement for my Phal.LD Bear. If you haven’t seen the unboxing I here is the link: Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. and give […]

Orchid Unboxing_Ebay seller_03 Dec 2019

Hi Guys, I’ve got another Orchid Unboxing for you today from my favourite UK Ebay seller. Here are the orchids I ordered in this unboxing: Oncidium Sharry Baby `Sweet Fragrance` Masdevallia `Sugar Baby` Burrageara Nelly Isler `Red Velvet` Dendrobium sulawesiense red x cuthb. yellow Don’t forget to Subscribe if you haven’t already and Like this […]

Orchid Un-boxing_Orchids & More_03 Dec2019

Hey Guys! I have an exciting un-boxing from an orchid nursery in Germany called Ochids & More for you today. I had ordered from this nursery before and always received good quality orchids. Here is the list of orchids in this Un-boxing: Dendrobium Harlekin yellow/red (B) Dendrobium hodgkinsonii (J2) Encyclia cordigera ‘pink’ (J1) Laelia purpurata […]

Orchid Delux order update

Here is my update regarding my latest order from Orchid Delux and what they did. Here is the list of orchids you see in this video in case you wanted to Google and see the pictures: Phal. Chiang Yi Little Peppers X LD Bear Queen (replaced Phal.Dragon Tree Eagle DT168) Phal.Ld’s Bear King YK-10 Please […]

Un-boxing_ Rare House plants from Ben’s Jungle

Hi Guys, I got a box full of goodies (rare house plants/philodendrons) to un-box. I ordered this from a German nursery called Ben’s Jungle whome I got the address from another youtuber called Ellen from Winding leaves. I’m sorry about the last 25 seconds, which was cut off by the you tube. Here are the […]

Orchid Unboxing_Orchid Delux_Oct 2019

Hi Guys, Here is my un-boxing from Orchid delux _Netherlands. Here is the list my orchids and a hoya that I ordered in this box: 1 x V. (lamellata x brunea) x V. Mimi Palmer (H7-826) 1 x Phal. Ld’s Bear King YK-10 (H7-1514) 1 x Phal. Dragon Tree Eagle DT168 (H7-1513) 1 x Hoya […]