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Orchid Collection Update: Burned Leaves, Spider Mites & Amazing Blooms

And here we are back, with an orchid collection update. We are talking about burned leaves, spider mites & amazing blooms! ★☆★ LEARN MORE ABOUT GROWING ORCHIDS ★☆★ ► Fusarium wilt on orchids – biology, symptoms, management and chemical control http://amzn.to/2vxTgOV ► How to clone orchids using keiki paste ► Use this code ” miracleorchids […]

Orchids In Bloom July 2019 – Delicious Fruity Fragrances

Hello, my dears! Missed you a lot! Here is the video for today: Orchids In Bloom July 2019 – Delicious Fruity Fragrances I been super busy and didn’t had much time to dedicate to my orchids, nor to this channel, but my fragrant orchids still love me. They bloom, and bloom like crazy! Hope you […]

Orchids In Bloom In May 2019 – The Fragrance Shop Is In My House

It is time to present to you the orchids in bloom in May 2019! OMG, guys! The fragrance shop is in my house! Literally, my entire appartament is smelling as all the best fragrances out there! The orchids that I have in bloom this month are heavenly fragrant! Fragrant orchids are my thing, I have […]

Dendrobium Latouria Care – Repotting Dendrobium Green Elf

So, in today’s video we are talking about the dendrobium latouria care, and more exactly we are repotting Dendrobium Green Elf Orchid. This dendrobium orchid is very easy to care for, it blooms reliably, but needs loads of water. For this reason, I think the repotting of my dendrobium green elf is best done in […]

Growing Vanda Orchids In Glass Vases – Updates

Had a hard time lately trying to film, but here we are with some updates on growing vanda orchids in glass vases. My vanda orchids are doing FANTASTIC! They just love my vanda orchid care, they grow lots of roots, leaves and spikes. The Vanda Roll on Red rebloomed nicely with one spike with 20+ […]

Orchids in Bloom in April 2019 – The Star of the Show – Vanda Roll on Red

So happy to do the Orchids in Bloom in April 2019 video for you! I have such a nice display with special orchids in bloom… My favourite is the miltoniopsis princess diana! This one has 10 blooms and is amazingly fragrant! She’s growing in semi hydro and she loves it! Then, there is the Vanda […]

Orchids In Bloom And In Spike In March 2019 – 5K Subscribers – Giveaway comming soon

In this video we can see the orchids in bloom and in spike in march 2019! We don’t have all that many orchid blooms, but we sure have a lot of orchid spikes. March in an awesome month because orchids tend to have a reblooming cycle, and spring is one of their favourites. In this […]

Mushy Orchid Pseudobulbs: Orchid Diseases

In today’s video we are talking about mushy orchid pseudobulbs. Orchid diseases can easly get hold of your collection, but if you are carefull, you can eradicate the problems. My cattleya orchid had some mushy pseudobulbs and to treat the problem I just cut into healthy tissue, put some 10% hydrogen peroxide and then some […]

Growing Orchids Under Lights – Updates

In this video we are talking again about growing orchids under lights in the winter time. I have been growing my orchids using the GEMMA LED LIGHTS for a few good months now, and I am pleased to say that the updates are very positive. My orchids have been growing new leaves, psb, sheaths and […]