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Growing Orchids in Semi Hydro in Self Watering Pots Updates and Maintenance Tips

Today we talk about some updates and maintenance tips for growing orchids in semi hydro in self watering pots. And let me tell you, guys…the root system of these orchids went crazy! I have roots going inside the reservoir, bigger and bigger psb, more and more blooms than the previous time. I am delighted to […]

Growing Orchids in Water Culture: Maintenance & Updates

Growing orchids in water culture has proved to be more easy than I thought. In this video we speak about the maintenance of the phalaenopsis which grow in water culture and I show you each of them and how they developed since the last update. ★☆★ LEARN MORE ABOUT GROWING ORCHIDS ★☆★ ► Fusarium wilt […]

Moving phalaenopsis orchid from semi hydro to water culture

Moving phalaenopsis orchids from semi hydro to water culture is incredibly easy, and the orchids don’t even notice it much. The culture is very similar to them, so there is not any danger, not even when the orchid is in bud. Growing phalaenopsis orchids in water culture has prooved for me to be even more […]

Saving Rootless Orchids – no hassle method

Saving rootless orchids can prove to be dificult for orchid begginers, but it does not need to be. There are a lot of methods to save orchids, but I usually prefer the no hassle method. Keep in mind that no amount of trouble you put yourself through, in order to save your rootless orchids will […]

Orchids in bloom in December 2019: The Poudery Scent

This is a short update on my orchids in bloom in December 2019. The orchids in bloom do put up quite the show, but the poudery scent of the Cattlecya Siam Jade is the main atraction. It is such an easy to care for orchid, and I really hope you’ll all get one someday. Have […]

Orchid Collection Update: Burned Leaves, Spider Mites & Amazing Blooms

And here we are back, with an orchid collection update. We are talking about burned leaves, spider mites & amazing blooms! ★☆★ LEARN MORE ABOUT GROWING ORCHIDS ★☆★ ► Fusarium wilt on orchids – biology, symptoms, management and chemical control http://amzn.to/2vxTgOV ► How to clone orchids using keiki paste ► Use this code ” miracleorchids […]

Orchids In Bloom July 2019 – Delicious Fruity Fragrances

Hello, my dears! Missed you a lot! Here is the video for today: Orchids In Bloom July 2019 – Delicious Fruity Fragrances I been super busy and didn’t had much time to dedicate to my orchids, nor to this channel, but my fragrant orchids still love me. They bloom, and bloom like crazy! Hope you […]

Orchids In Bloom In May 2019 – The Fragrance Shop Is In My House

It is time to present to you the orchids in bloom in May 2019! OMG, guys! The fragrance shop is in my house! Literally, my entire appartament is smelling as all the best fragrances out there! The orchids that I have in bloom this month are heavenly fragrant! Fragrant orchids are my thing, I have […]

Dendrobium Latouria Care – Repotting Dendrobium Green Elf

So, in today’s video we are talking about the dendrobium latouria care, and more exactly we are repotting Dendrobium Green Elf Orchid. This dendrobium orchid is very easy to care for, it blooms reliably, but needs loads of water. For this reason, I think the repotting of my dendrobium green elf is best done in […]