Orchids that naturally lose their leaves – Deciduous Orchids

Today we talk about orchids which lose their leaves naturally, as part of their growth pattern! More info below! Some of the most popular deciduous orchids are Dendrobiums. The anosmum, parishii, aphyllum and others will lose their newest leaves once a year. Here is how they bloom https://youtu.be/boUowVVqa6U Nobile Dendrobiums are what we […]

Orchid Care for Beginners – 5 Orchids that make great Holiday gifts! + Giveaway!

This video is sponsored by rePotme, who also provided the medium, pots, clips, some of the stakes and fertilizer I used for the Orchids in this video. Check them out here http://bit.ly/2IH9Hzb More info below! Did you miss our Phalaenopsis care series? Check it out here https://youtu.be/NhPvFIxJtys?list=PLxo6tXzj__mZzIrS7nCGjI6NEwWCwvuya Apart from Phalaenopsis, there are other […]

Angraecum Orchids – Keiki separation, crown rot recovery & more!

Today we make an update on my big Angraecum orchids and see how they did in the past year, in comparison to last year! More info below! One of my oldest orchids is the Angraecum sesquipedale, here is his story https://youtu.be/0lZgUtwyrWw He is now fully recovered and producing a flower spike! The Angraecum […]

How I water my 400+ Orchids! – Setup and technique explained

Today I tell you all about how I manage to water my 400+ orchids efficiently and very time saving! We need to start with the setup though! More info below! If you don’t know how my grow room looks like, check it out here https://youtu.be/dwez4qEVlak The setup needs to be in accordance with […]

Orchids in Bloom – November 2019 | Which one will you chose?

Today we recap the orchids that bloomed during the month of November! We have a great show today More info below! Vote for your favorite one here http://www.strawpoll.me/19011057 1. Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann ‘Buckleberry’, learn how to care for it here https://youtu.be/TJWc3ZLWkgo 2. Howeara Lava Burst ‘Puanani’ with its fiery red flowers! 3. […]

African Violet babies! – Separating and potting Violets started from leaves

Today we are dividing African Violet baby plants from leaves and pot them separately! More info below! About a month ago we potted the African Violet leaves that I rooted in water, check the video here https://youtu.be/aKYRBw1_0t0 Now the plantlets are big enough to separate and pot in individual containers. In a few […]

Orchid Seminar #2 – When do Orchids really need watering? | Drought adaptations & more!

Today we talk about when Orchids really need water, how to tell it is time to offer water, how they adapted to tolerate lack of water and more! More info below! Traditionally, people tell beginners to water orchids once a week, but that is one of the most wrong answers to give. Just […]

Orchid haul – Flower Shop finds! + Big Lip Phalaenopsis with terminal spike

Since you guys requested a video with the new orchids I found in the past couple of months, here it is! More info below! Well guess who has more red Oncidiums than she can handle? Me so some will be donated in an upcoming giveaway It appears that the flower […]

Orchid Updates – Spathoglottis, Mystery Orchids, Vanda Mimi Palmer & more!

Today we take a look at some Orchids which need some updates! Things are always a mixed bunch, but there is always hope More info below! Spathoglottis affinis is growing a flower spike, but all the leaves have fallen! It is normal, this is a deciduous Orchid here is how I […]