Cattleya Orchid seedlings Update – Thoughts on deficiencies

Today we take a look at the Cattleya seedlings that I have for the past couple of years! More info below! Here is an older video of these orchids in semi hydroponics https://youtu.be/602HhUUmAv8 Orchid seedlings are generally more sensitive and demanding that mature orchids. They always grow bigger structures so they always require […]

Premiere Orchid blooms – Letting my passion heal me

Today we take a look at some of the orchids which will bloom for the first time with me and let these wonderful things distract and heal my heart. More info below! If you want to hear me out, check this link, but please do not click if you are not in a […]

Orchid care for beginners – What pots to use for Phalaenopsis Orchids

Today we learn all about Orchid pots, which ones are suitable for Phalaenopsis Orchids and what size to use! More info below! Orchid pots are usually different than normal house plants and there are very good reasons for it. Phalaenopsis orchids are epiphytes, they don’t like soil and they need a very well […]

Join me on a Vanda Orchid day! – basketting & making a fertilizer pouch!

Today we attend to an orange Vanda! Your eyes are not deceiving you, I can confirm I have an orange Vanda More info below! I like to grow my Vanda orchids outside on my terrace in the warm months, check out this video for more details on the setup https://youtu.be/kGgnRnWBFgs The liner […]

10 easy tips for repotting Orchids you should know!

Today we ar4e taking a closer look at repotting orchids and mention 10 very important tips everyone should know! More info below! Repotting orchids is a very well documented subject here on my channel, just take a look at these videos! How to repot a Phalaenopsis orchid https://youtu.be/cWFyQzJbGDg How to repot a big […]

Slipper Orchids progress after culture changes + Channel changes

Today we take a look at some slipper orchids and see how their appearance changed after the culture change! More info below! A while back it appeared that I had major issues with my Paphiopedilums, especially leaf tip damage. See more here https://youtu.be/RuesdyEgBDk After a complete change in setup and media, things started […]

The Orchid that started it all – Beallara Smile Eri (Story Time)

Today it’s story time! We will talk about one of the most important orchids I ever owned.. and lost.. and now I own again! More info below! A while back I talked about my very few orchid regrets and Smile Eri was one of them https://youtu.be/TR6stGsCzxU Here is how she looked when I […]

Vanda Orchids Update – Unexpected turn of events and flowering highlights

Today we are taking a looksy at the Vanda orchids and.. it’s not looking bad at all More info below! Since life got a bit hectic lately, I woke up with no time for my orchids. Vandas were the most exposed, since they were practically bare rooted. I dumped some bark as […]

Repotting Mule Ear Oncidium Orchid – What to do with a damaged rhizome

Today we are working with a Mule Ear Oncidium orchid once again! But this little orchid has an issue which we need to address More info below! The Mule Ear Oncidiums, now classified as Trichocentrum, is an interesting orchid with large, robust leaves and very tiny pseudobulbs! It reminds me of Psychopsis […]