Orchids new and old – Swapping Orchids with another YouTuber!

Today we take a look at a few new orchids I swapped with another youtuber! More info below! A while back I exchanged some orchids with Bumblebee, check out her channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF-qO6lIfDQAdltI2nrwHfg Here are the orchids she sent: 1. Gongora galeata (dark variety), I wanted a new Gongora ever since I lost […]

Masdevallia Orchids Update – Surprise flower spikes!

Today we take a look at my coolest orchids, literally! the Masdevallias! More info below! Masdevallias are some of the coolest growing orchids on the market. They can prove to be rather tricky to grow properly in a home. In my warm environment I am trying to maintain them always moist, in sphagnum […]

My experience with recovering Orchids – Looking bad before looking good

One of the best group of orchids I have are the ones which were once sick and now they are healthy, so let’s look at them! More info below! Sometimes we don’t buy the healthiest orchids and most often than not, we need to hassle with rootless orchids. Here is how I promote […]

Orchids by request – Zygopetalum, Vanilla, Coelogyne & more!

Today we take a look at some orchids that you guys want an update on! More info below! 1. Vandacostylis Colmarie is an orchid I received to save. Here is how she looked like https://youtu.be/YWWSmESv3Fo 2. Potinara Burana Beauty is a very vigorous hybrid, she is growing great! 3. Potinara Fu Shu Glory […]

Orchid Care for beginners – How to make Phalaenopsis Orchid flowers last longer

Today we discuss all about Phalaenopsis Orchid flowers and how to have them fresh and open for a very long time! More info below! If you missed our previous tutorials, watch them here: How to repot Orchids https://youtu.be/cWFyQzJbGDg How to water Orchids https://youtu.be/NhPvFIxJtys How to feed Orchids https://youtu.be/3wVKQ6C3CUM Visit rePotme here http://bit.ly/2IH9Hzb Keeping […]

Repotting big Cattleya Orchid with cut pseudobulbs

Today I am repotting one of the latest Cattleya orchids I purchased, which is missing some of its new pseudobulbs! More info below! This is a discounted orchid that I found somewhere on the ground in a flower shop. Here is how she looks like https://youtu.be/Qd003wXATB0 The front (active) pseudobulbs have been cut […]

Angraecum Orchids collection – From the small to the huge!

Today we take it easy following yesterday’s repotting marathon and look at the different Angraecum orchids in my collection! More info below! 1. Angraecum sesquipedale is the very first Angraecum in my collection and it shoes! It had a lot of blemishes and marks from the past https://youtu.be/w3ocVBeQu6U and more on the natural […]

Repotting 10 Oncidium Orchids in one go! – How I handle different sick Orchids

Today I repot ALL the Oncidium type orchids I purchased a few days ago! They are all pretty sick, but in different stages of decline. More info below! Here is a more detailed video on why I use different techniques and products https://youtu.be/yDEvCWAoMFE and also the DIY non toxic insecticide that I use […]

Epic Oncidium Orchid haul – My favorite intergenerics!

It rarely happens that I find orchids I really want to have at the flower shop. Today is one of those rare days! More info below! Oncidium orchids (generally) and specifically their intergeneric hybrids have been my favorite group in my early orchid growing days, but these orchids are not as resilient as […]