Paphiopedilum Orchid Collection – Updates & how I grow them

Today we look at my Slipper Orchids collection, see how they are growing and progressing! More info below! If you are looking for a care tutorial on slipper orchids, here it is https://youtu.be/rJ78qLKd_zQ My collection has improved a lot since we last looked at them and currently we have no more spots on […]

Orchid Care for Beginners – How to save sick, rootless Phalaenopsis Orchids | Before & After!

Today I show you how to save sick, or stressed Phalaenopsis orchids, which don’t have many roots and have soft, wrinkly leaves! More info below! Phalaenopsis orchids can get sick if we don;t care for them properly. Here is a list of all the common problems you might encounter with Phalaenopsis orchids https://youtu.be/zGjxPQ3EzcU and […]

Self watering pots – DIY, Types, Pros & Cons (For African Violets & other plants)

Today I’m showing you the self watering pots that I use with my African Violets, but they can be used with other house plants and even Orchids too! More info below! Lechuza pots are the most popular self watering plant pots in my area, I use 2 types: Mini Deltini https://www.lechuza.co.uk/sale/mini-deltini-white-high-gloss/14950.html Mini Cubi […]

Unboxing surprise Orchids! – Adopting Orchid collection from my subscriber

Today we start the week with unboxing some new orchids to my collection! More info below! My subscriber Veronica decided to send me part of her orchid collection, as she found it a bit hard to find proper places for them in her growing space. This is such a huge surprise and I […]

How to care for Orchids you don’t know much about? – Very detailed guide

Today we talk about how we can care for orchids that have no ID, or there isn’t much information on the internet available! More info below! 1. Always google the names you have on your tag, if you have one! Great basic resources are http://www.orchidspecies.com/ for species, https://bluenanta.com/ for hybrid parentage and https://apps.rhs.org.uk/horticulturaldatabase/orchidregister/orchidregister.asp […]

Orchids with flower spikes & their stories – Updates and thoughts

Today we take a look at some orchids which have flower spikes or buds and talk about them and other things orchid related! More info below! Dendrobium venustum is finally flowering! I got this one 3 years ago, check it out here https://youtu.be/NughW6R-RrU I don’t know much about this orchid, so this website […]

Orchid maintenance – Yellowing leaves and pseudobulbs, how & when to remove

Today I take you along as I remove some yellowing leaves and pseudobulbs on my orchids! More info below! Generally speaking, most orchids will lose the very old structures at some point, as new ones are more efficient at what they do than older structures. Sometimes we don’t need to intervene, but just […]

Zygopetallum Orchids community potting!

Today I am repotting my Zygopetallum orchids in the same pot! this looks so much better now More info below! Orchid community pots are not among my favorite practices, I like each orchid to have its own pot. But things are different when we are dealing with the same species or variety! […]

Repotting my new Cymbidium Orchid in rePotme mix!

Today we work with a Cymbidium orchid which has lovely copper flowers, my favorite! More info below! In the past I actually managed to rebloom a Cymbidium, but I left it home with mom since he was a big orchid, check him out here https://youtu.be/9Er69cWcysw This particular orchid was sadly the worst looking […]