Epic Update on the 10 sick Oncidiums! – 4 month progress report

Today we are looking at the 10 Oncidiums I repotted in one go, which were not in great shape! More info below! In the spring I found a lot of Oncidium hybrids in my local flower shops, so I made some huge hauls! This is the first one https://youtu.be/FwU8z6Nj2VM I decided to make […]

Reshaping unruly Cattleya Orchid + Update on the Mule Ear Oncidium

Today we work with a pretty unruly Cattleya Orchid which will grow outside of its pot soon and that will mean the new roots will not get enough hydration! More info below! Orchids which grow outside of the pot will not be good news for home growers who depend on the pot and […]

Using Seaweed extract to promote Orchid roots – Results after 2 months

Today we test out a product that many people swear by and try to see if it makes any difference in helping my orchids root! More info below! The product that I will use is Neptune’s Harvest, find it here http://bit.ly/2TvyPhR This is supposed to enhance the entire plant and yield better harvest. […]

How do Orchids smell like? – The wonderful fragrances of Orchids!

Today we take a look at some wonderfully fragrant Orchids!.. oh yes, some orchids do have a scent! More info below! In my opinion, the 3 biggest scent categories of orchids are: 1. Floral scents: Cattleyas (Lily), some Phalaenopsis species (Citrus flowers), Brassavolas (Queen of the night), some Vandas, etc. 2. Fruit scents: […]

Orchid Updates – Spathoglottis, Paraphalaenopsis, sick Oncidiums & more!

Today we take a look at some orchids that are just interesting! Some you requested, some I just want to show! More info below! Paraphalaenopsis labukensis is growing.. slowly but surely. Look how tiny she used to be https://youtu.be/XNUw6oPQqIw This spring I purchased a whole collection of Oncidiums, here is one of the […]

Why don’t Phalaenopsis Orchids get crown rot in nature?

Today we elaborate more on why Phalaenopsis orchids might not actually have crown rot issues whenever it rains! More info below! 1. The way the orchid grows Phalaenopsis orchids grow on trees, as they are epiphytes. Learn more about it here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epiphyte Because of this the orchid leans to one side, making water […]

Orchid Q&A#50 – Fertilizer sticks, shaping Phalaenopsis, too many keikis & more!

Today I answer more Orchid questions that you left in the comments of my videos! More info below! Bark media is not known to be water retentive, but there is an instance when it can retain a lot of water and this is when it’s already broken down. I used to place cinnamon […]

Project Orchids Updates – Vanilla, saved Phalaenopsis keiki, seedlings & more!

Today we take a look at some orchids that are part of past projects or tutorials and see how they’ve been since I last filmed them! More info below! The Vanilla orchid is.. alright :))) well judging by its history, it could have gone either way. Here is a history of this very […]

Mystery Orchid is growing! – What could this be??

Today we are working with my mystery, unknown Orchid seedling! Here is her story and also a ‘mystery’ repotting More info below! This seedling was sold under the name Stanhopea oculata, here is the unboxing https://youtu.be/G_vKFn6Gyk0 It was initially potted in the oxygen core pots, learn more about them here https://youtu.be/vTNf_f1w2lA but […]