What makes semi hydro horrible for some? – Orchids I don’t keep in s/h

Today we talk a bit more about semi hydroponics and what orchids I don’t keep in this method. ▼▼▼More info below!▼▼▼ Before I give you my list of 2 types of orchids which I would not grow in s/h, let us find out why some of us cannot make semi hydro work, or at least […]

Orchid setups evolution – Final thoughts on seramis, pebbles, semi hydro

What started out as a joke, turned out to be quite the trip down memory lane to last year. ▼▼▼More info below!▼▼▼ Around this time last year I was struggling with root tip damage.. still. I was very frustrated as I didn’t know the cause. I decided to change setups and resolved it, but it’s […]

Variegated Brassia Orchid hybrid! – Bratonia Shelob ‘Okika’

Today I just wanted to show you a variegated form of the Bratonia (Miltassia) Shelob! How cool is that 😀 If you don’t know much about this orchid, here is a video of my older ‘Tolkien’ https://youtu.be/SDbPKyNanuc I had some bad luck with mine, so thank you loads for sending this division all the way […]

The Dendrobium kingianum Orchid is alive! and has buds :p

Today we take a look at an old orchid that no one remembers, my kingnum 🙂 The Dendrobium kingianum is a pretty little species which can prove to be quite difficult to bloom. But here we are with one bud swelling up! The problem is that many kingianums on the market are actually Berry Odas […]

Dendrobium kingianum Vs. Berry Oda – The importance of correct Orchid ID’s

Today we take a look at my very old Dendrobium kingianum finally in bloom, in comparison to one of his hybrids, the Berry Oda. Dendrobium kingianum is a species native to Australia and has a bad reputation of being tricky to bloom, at least spectacularly. The Dendrobium Berry var. Oda is a new popular hybrid […]

Peat granules with Orchids in semi hydro – Final thoughts

Today we make a final update on the peat granules in the semi hydroponic setup for orchids and my conclusions on the experiment. If you don’t know why the experiment in the first place, well there is a whole 2 Parts debate, you can start by part 1 hear https://youtu.be/-Q210w_gM3E After about 6 months of […]

Orchid setback or winter growth? – Which is normal, which is bad

Today we make a comparison between 2 processes which might look similar, but have different implications: winter growth and setback. Orchids can grow small new growths whenever they experience stress factors. The most severe stress factors are root loss, leaf loss or something damaging vital structures of the orchid. The result is in 100% of […]

How I water my Vanda Orchids in baskets – Vanda setup explained

Today we take a look at my Vanda collection almost entirely basketed (currently completely) and how the system works. Ever since I arrived in my new location I always had to customize my Vanda setup to remain more moist. After microfiber https://youtu.be/WpwLlbKfFVQ I finally managed to turn my Vandas on the right path! But there […]

Spring pest infestation in my Orchid grow room!

Today we take a look at an unexpected event in my grow room: the return of the mites! ▼▼▼More info below!▼▼▼ Now to be fair, this is not all that surprising. Spider mites are all around us and we can introduce them in our grow spaces through new plants, air, or even our clothes. Spring […]