Orchid Diva

Orchid Garden Update, Morning Walk, Show Haul

Hey Guys! Welcome to my Garden… Cold Day here in South Florida. Hope you enjoy the Morning Walk! XOXO! Blanca

Vandas, Vanda Update, Fertilizing Routine and Care

Hey Guys! So here is a Vanda Care Video. For those living in Tropical Climates like me maybe this will be helpful 🙂 Hope you enjoy. Here is my fertilizing routine : 1/2 teaspoon per gallon 20/20/20 every week 1/4 teaspoon of epson Salt every week mixed in 1 teaspoon per gallon Sea weed kelp […]

Orchid Garden Update, Morning Walk, New Blooms

Hi guys! I miss my garden! Happy I’m back! Hope you enjoy today’s walk. XOXO! Blanca