Orchid Diva

Orchid Garden, Sunday Morning Walk, New Vanda Blooms

Hi Guys, I’m checking on my orchids this Sunday morning. I’ve been at an orchid show all weekend and haven’t been in my yard. Hope you enjoy watching! XoXo! Blanca

Orchid Garden Update, Mid October 2019, New Blooms

Hi Guys! Her is my Mid October 2019 Update of my entire collection. Hope you Enjoy! XOXO! Blanca Visit my website https://scenteddiva.com/

Orchid Garden Update, Morning Walk, New Blooms and Haul

Hi Guys! Welcome to my channel. Today’s video is an orchid garden update. I also share with you the new orchids I got day two of the show. Hope you enjoy watching! XOXO! Blanca Visit my Website for Orchid Inspired Candles Visit my website https://scenteddiva.com/